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This is a geographically and ecologically large unit of land containing characteristic, geographically distinct assemblages of natural communities, species and environmental conditions. Select from: Iceland; Tundra; Borealic uplands; Fenno-Scandian Shield; Taiga; Great Britain; Ireland and Northern Ireland; Central Plains; Baltic Province; Eastern Plains; Central Highlands; Western Plains; Western Highlands; Alps; Hungarian Lowlands; Carpathians; Pontic Province; Caspic Depression; Pyrenees; The Caucasus; Eastern Balkan; Hellenic Western Balkan; Dinaric Western Balkan; Italy and Corsica; Ibero-Macaronesian

Languages: Englisheuskara български català čeština dansk Nederlands eesti suomi français galego Deutsch Ελληνικά magyar Gaeilge italiano latviešu lietuvių Malti norsk-bokmål norsk-nynorsk polski português română Gàidhlig slovenčina slovenščina español svenska Cymraeg