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This is the "Project background" template. It should be called in the following format:

{{Project background
|Reach length directly affected=
|Project started=
|Works started=
|Works completed=
|Project completed=
|Total cost category=
|Total1 cost=
|Funding sources=
|Investigation and design cost category=
|Invst and design cost=
|Investigation and design Lead organisation=
|Investigation and design Other contact forename=
|Investigation and design Other contact surname=
|Stakeholder1 engagement cost category=
|stk engagement cost=
|Stakeholder engagement Lead organisation=
|Stakeholder engagement Other contact forename=
|Stakeholder engagement Other contact surname=
|Works1 and supervision cost category=
|Wrk and supervision cost=
|Works and supervision Lead organisation=
|Works and supervision Other contact forename=
|Works and supervision Other contact surname=
|Post-project1 management and maintenance cost category=
|Post-project2 management and maintenance cost=
|Post-project management and maintenance Lead organisation=
|Post-project management and maintenance Other contact forename=
|Post-project management and maintenance Other contact surname=
|Monitoring1 cost category=
|Monitoring2 cost=
|Monitoring Lead organisation=
|Monitoring Other contact forename=
|Monitoring Other contact surname=
|Supplementary funding information=

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