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 Project titleProject statusCountryRiver basin districtRiver basinRiver nameSubcatchment waterbody IDContact organisationPartner organisationsProject startedProject completedTotal costTotal cost categoryFunding sourceReasons for river restoration valueMeasures values
2e Lower Woodsford River and Floodplain Enhancement2e Lower Woodsford River and Floodplain EnhancementCompleteEnglandSouth WestDorsetFrome Dorset (Lower) & Furzebrook StreamGB108044009690Environment Agency
Forestry Commission
Woodland Trust
Dorset Wildlife Trust
Forestry Commission, Woodland Trust, Dorset Wildlife Trust1 January 20121 January 2014Removal of revetments,,Tree planting, Lowering of embankments,,Re-profiled ditch ,,Community involvement, Engagement with schools,,Raised interest in future projects
3Rivers - Lumburn:Walkham:Tavy3Rivers - Lumburn:Walkham:TavyIn progressEnglandSouth WestTamarLower River TavyGB108047007840Devon Wildlife Trust
South West Water
Tamar Valley AONB
Tavy Walkham and Plym Fishing Club
Westcountry Rivers Trust
Devon Wildlife Trust, South West Water, Tamar Valley AONB, Tavy Walkham and Plym Fishing Club,floodplain woodland planting,, ,Land management,,Volunteer engagement,,Survey work,
Abbots Worthy Restoration ProjectAbbots Worthy Restoration ProjectCompleteEnglandEnvironment Agency
Natural England
Natural England,1 April 201898,000 k€
98,000,000 €
,, ,,,
Abbotts Hall Managed Realignment SchemeAbbotts Hall Managed Realignment SchemeCompleteEnglandAnglianCombined EssexGB105037033790Essex Wildlife Trust
English Nature
Environment Agency
English Nature, Environment AgencyWWF and the Heritage Lottery Fund,, ,,,
Adams Mill enhancementsAdams Mill enhancementsIn progressEnglandAnglianUpper and Bedford OuseOuse (Cosgrove to Newport Pagnell)GB105033038000Environment Agency
Milton Keynes Angling Association
Woodland Trust
Milton Keynes Angling Association, Woodland Trust,1 September 2014Less than 1 k€Environment Agency Grant in AidBank stabilisation,,,Increase in-channel hydromorphological diversity, ,,,
Albany ParkAlbany ParkPlannedEnglandThamesLondonCuffley Brook and Turkey BrookGB106038033180Environment Agency106 agreements
access to nature
Community Infrastructure Levy
Environment Agency
Creation of berms, Creation of backwaters,,River naturalisation, Reedbed creation, Scrapes, Fish habitat restoration,, ,,Recreation,,
Alkborough tidal defence schemeAlkborough tidal defence schemeCompleteEnglandEnvironment Agency
Natural England
Associated British Ports
North Lincolnshire Council
Yorkshire Forward
Heritage Lottery Fund
European Union (EU)
Natural England, Associated British Ports, North Lincolnshire Council, Defra, Yorkshire Forward, Heritage Lottery Fund, European Union (EU)2005Flood Defence Grant-in-Aid
EU Interreg
Regional Development Agency
,, Salt marsh and mudflat restoration,,,,
Alma Road Rain GardensAlma Road Rain GardensIn progressEnglandThamesLondonSalmons BrookGB106038027960London Borough of Enfield
Thames 21
Greater London Authority
Thames 21, Greater London Authority,1 April 201531 March 2016Greater London Authority,Sustainable urban drainage ponds (SUDs),, Rain gardens,,,
Amwell LoopAmwell LoopPlannedEnglandThamesUpper LeeLee Navigation (Hertford and Ware)GB106038033240Environment Agency
British Waterways
Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust
British Waterways, Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust10 - 50 k€Capital works schemehabitat improvements, Deflectors,,Tree planting,, ,,,
Ancholme and Coast habitat projectAncholme and Coast habitat projectCompleteEnglandEnvironment Agency
Rivers Trusts
Wildlife Trusts
Rivers Trusts, Wildlife Trusts4 January 2018210,400 k€
210,400,000 €
,, ,,,
Anton Crescent Wetlands RegenerationAnton Crescent Wetlands RegenerationCompleteEnglandThamesLondonBeverley Brook (Motspur Park to Thames) and Pyl Brook at West BarnesGB106039022850Environment Agency
Sutton Ecology Centre
London Borough of Sutton
Natural England
Sutton Ecology Centre, London Borough of Sutton, Natural England,12 k€
12,000 €
10 - 50 k€,, ,,,
Arborfield nature like bypass and weirs projectArborfield nature like bypass and weirs projectCompleteEnglandThamesLoddonLoddon (Swallowfield to River Thames confluence)GB106039023160Environment Agency30 June 2010596 k€
596,000 €
more than 10000 k€Thames Water
Barbel Society
Environment Agency Flood and Coastal Risk Management
Introduction of spawning gravels, Riffle creation, Weir lowering,,,Bypass channel, Improving fish migration, Creation of backwater, ,,Volunteer engagement,,Local support, Community engagement,
Arnos Park - Pymmes BrookArnos Park - Pymmes BrookPlannedEnglandThamesLondonPymmes Brook (upper channel with Muswell St & Bounds Grn Brk)GB106038027940Environment Agency
River Restoration Centre
London Borough of Enfield
London Wildlife Trust
Greater London Authority
River Restoration Centre, London Borough of Enfield, London Wildlife Trust, Environment Agency, Greater London Authority,1 January 2008Environment Agency Grant in Aid
Greater London Authority
Local Authorities
Creation of berms, Barrier removal, Embankment renaturalization, Creation of low flow channel, Creation of backwaters,,River naturalisation, Scrapes, Floodplain reconnection, Remeandering,, ,,,
Ashlone Wharf FCRM schemeAshlone Wharf FCRM schemeIn progressEnglandThamesLondonBeverley Brook (Motspur Park to Thames) and Pyl Brook at West BarnesGB106039022850Environment Agency
London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham
London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham1 May 2011Environment Agency Flood and Coastal Risk Management,, Creation of fish passes,,,,
Assessing the habitats outcomes of Floodplain Forest restoration: the case study of the floodplain forest at the Ouse Valley ParkAssessing the habitats outcomes of Floodplain Forest restoration: the case study of the floodplain forest at the Ouse Valley ParkCompleteEnglandAnglianCam and Ely Ouse (including South Level)Great Ouse (Upper)GB105033043360Cranfield University
The Parks Trust
Environment Agency
EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council)
Hanson Cement
The Parks Trust, Environment Agency, EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council), Hanson Cement1 January 20071 January 2014,Removal of sand from beneath agricultural fields and restoring marsh lands has increased floodplain capacity and improved floodwater management, ,,Improved public access, Bird watching area,Information board erected,
Aston Clinton River RestorationAston Clinton River RestorationCompleteEnglandBuckinghamshire County Council
Environment Agency
Aylesbury Vale District Council
Aston Clinton Parish Council
Green Park
Environment Agency, Aylesbury Vale District Council, Aston Clinton Parish Council, Green Park1 August 2015Deculverting,,,Bypass channel, Creation of new channel, ,,Engagement with a wide range of stakeholders,Information board erected,
Babbs Mill reed bedBabbs Mill reed bedCompleteEnglandHumberTame Anker and MeaseR Cole from Springfield to Hatchford-Kingshurst BrookGB104028042502Environment Agency
Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council
Friends of Kingfisher Park
Environment Agency, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, Friends of Kingfisher ParkChannel reprofiling,,Reedbed creation,, ,,Awareness raising,,
Babingley River at HillingtonBabingley River at HillingtonCompleteEnglandAnglianNorth West NorfolkBabingley RiverGB105033047620Environment Agency20061 February 2007Less than 1 k€Total cost: €695.00. Environment Agency and Hillington Fly Fishing ClubCreation of wooden deflectors, Habitat diversification, Cleaning of spawning gravels,Riparian planting,,Channel narrowing, Adding sinuosity, Removal of sluice gates, Creation of fish passes, Channel naturalisation, ,,,
Barking Creek near A13Barking Creek near A13CompleteEnglandThamesLondonThames MiddleGB530603911402Environment Agency1 August 200431 March 2006Office of the Deputy Prime Minister’s (now DCLG) Sustainable Communities Fundretreat and renewal of folld defences, construction of new intertidal area,New footpaths, sand martin nesting tubes, ,,Wheelchair access,
Barking CreekmouthBarking CreekmouthCompleteEnglandThamesLondonThames MiddleGB530603911402Environment Agency31 March 2006284 k€
284,000 €
100 - 500 k€Environment Agency
Office of the Deputy Prime Minister’s (now DCLG) Sustainable Communities Fund
Creation of backwaters,,,Channel realignment, ,,,
Barn Elms Sports GroundBarn Elms Sports GroundPlannedEnglandThamesLondonBeverley Brook (Motspur Park to Thames) and Pyl Brook at West BarnesGB106039022850Environment Agency
Friends of Barnes Common
London Borough of Richmond upon Thames
Friends of Barnes Common, London Borough of Richmond upon Thames,,Reedbed creation, Riparian planting,, ,,,
Barn Elms Wetland Centre, South West LondonBarn Elms Wetland Centre, South West LondonCompleteEnglandThamesLondonBeverley Brook (Motspur Park to Thames) and Pyl Brook at West BarnesGB106039022850Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust,Reedbed creation, Creation of a lake, Wetland habitat, ,,Visitor centre, Community Education, Public amenity and perception, Improved public access,,Monitoring and survey projects,
Barnes CommonBarnes CommonCompleteEnglandThamesLondonBeverley Brook (Motspur Park to Thames) and Pyl Brook at West BarnesGB106039022850Friends of Barnes Common
London Borough of Richmond upon Thames
London Borough of Richmond upon Thames,10 - 50 k€,, ,,,
Barnes Common improvementsBarnes Common improvementsCompleteEnglandThamesLondonBeverley Brook (Motspur Park to Thames) and Pyl Brook at West BarnesGB106039022850Environment Agency
Friends of Barnes Common
London Borough of Richmond upon Thames
Friends of Barnes Common, London Borough of Richmond upon Thames,20 December 2011,Tree management, Riparian planting, mowing regime,Reedbed creation, Flow deflectors, ,,,
Barney Beck: Abandoned Metal MinesBarney Beck: Abandoned Metal MinesIn progressEnglandHumberSwale, Ure, Nidd and Upper OuseBarney Bk/Hard Level Gill from Source to R SwaleGB104027069080Environment Agency
The Coal Authority (UK)
The Coal Authority (UK),,, ,Catchment Characterisation Programme to investigate water pollution from abandoned metal mines and determine remediation options of metal pollution,Developing partnerships with stakeholders, deliver shared environmental outcomes,Sampling to investigate metal pollution, Improving water quality,
Beam washlandsBeam washlandsCompleteEnglandEnvironment Agency
Land Trust
London Borough of Barking and Dagenham
Design for London
London Borough of Havering
Natural England
Land Trust, London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, Arup, Design for London, London Borough of Havering, Natural EnglandEnvironment Agency
London Development Agency
European Regional Development Fund
Local Government Parklands Fund
Landfill Tax Credits Scheme
London Borough of Barking and Dagenham
,Offline storage areas, ,,,
Beck from the BrinkBeck from the BrinkCompleteEnglandEnvironment Agency
Rivers Trusts
Rivers Trusts,1 April 201812,000 k€
12,000,000 €
,, ,,,
Beddington ParkBeddington ParkPlannedEnglandThamesLondonWandle (Croydon to Wandsworth) and the R. GravneyGB106039023460Environment Agency
Friends of Beddington Park
London Borough of Sutton
Environment Agency, Friends of Beddington Park, London Borough of Sutton,1 January 2008100 - 500 k€Viridor funding
Environment Agency
European Commission
EU LIFE Programme
Thames Water rehabilitation fund
Bank reprofiling, Planting, Removal of sediment, Toeboard removal,,Reedbed creation,, ,,,
Beddington Park EnhancementsBeddington Park EnhancementsCompleteEnglandThamesLondonWandle (Croydon to Wandsworth) and the R. GravneyGB106039023460Environment AgencyWeir modification, Weir notched, Bank reprofiling,,Tree planting,,Channel narrowing, Cleaning of spawning gravels, Reedbed creation, ,,,
Belford Natural Flood Management Scheme, NorthumberlandBelford Natural Flood Management Scheme, NorthumberlandCompleteEnglandNewcastle University
Environment Agency
Northumberland County Council
North East Regional Flood and Coastal Committee
Armalgamated Construction (AMCO)
Ian Benson Design
Royal HaskoningDHV
Environment Agency, Northumberland County Council, North East Regional Flood and Coastal Committee, Armalgamated Construction (AMCO), Ian Benson Design, Royal HaskoningDHV,2007Local levy funding
North East RFCC
PhD study through EPSRC
,,leaky woody dams, ,,,
Bell Green Weir fish passageBell Green Weir fish passageCompleteEnglandThamesLondonPool RiverGB106039023250Environment Agency1 - 10 k€Defra WFD fundedWeir modification,,Improving fish migration,, ,,,
Beverley Brook Flow control structuresBeverley Brook Flow control structuresCompleteEnglandThamesLondonBeverley Brook (Motspur Park to Thames) and Pyl Brook at West BarnesGB106039022850Environment Agency
Friends of Barnes Common
London Borough of Richmond upon Thames
Friends of Barnes Common, London Borough of Richmond upon Thames,,, ,Modelling, Monitoring strategy,,,
Beverley Brook d/s of Rock’s LaneBeverley Brook d/s of Rock’s LanePlannedEnglandThamesLondonBeverley Brook (Motspur Park to Thames) and Pyl Brook at West BarnesGB106039022850Environment AgencyEnvironment Agency
Landfill Funding
SITA Trust
habitat improvements,,Tree planting, Creation of backwaters, coves and bays construction, Reedbed creation, ,,Improved public access,,
Beverley ParkBeverley ParkPlannedEnglandThamesLondonBeverley Brook (Motspur Park to Thames) and Pyl Brook at West BarnesGB106039022850Environment Agency1 January 2008Bank reprofiling,,Habitat creation, Cut back of trees, Creation of wetland, Floodplain reconnection, Restoring riparian vegetation,,Channel realignment, ,,Public amenity and perception, Improved public access, Community Education,,
Big YellowBig YellowCompleteEnglandThamesLondonCrane (including part of the Yeading Brook)GB106039023030Environment Agency1 January 2010Deculverting,, ,,,
Birkin Brook Habitat Improvements, CheshireBirkin Brook Habitat Improvements, CheshireCompleteEnglandEnvironment Agency
Angling Trust
National Trust
Rivers Trust
Angling Trust, National Trust, Rivers Trust,4 January 20187,000 k€
7,000,000 €
,, ,,,
Blackbrook Slow the Flow, St HelensBlackbrook Slow the Flow, St HelensIn progressEnglandUniversity of Liverpool
St Helens Council
Natural England
Waterco Consultants
Environment Agency
St Helens Council, Natural England, Waterco Consultants, Groundwork, Environment Agency,2012Natural England
Environment Agency
Local levy council tax funding
National Environmental Research Council (NERC)
,,leaky woody dams, ,,,
Blackhorse Lane Waterfront ParkBlackhorse Lane Waterfront ParkPlannedEnglandThamesLondonLee (from Tottenham Locks to the Tideway)GB106038077852Environment Agency
London Borough of Waltham Forest
Lee Valley Regional Park Authority
London Wildlife Trust
developers in the local area
London Borough of Waltham Forest, Lee Valley Regional Park Authority, London Wildlife Trust, developers in the local area, Environment Agency1 January 2008Developers
Community Infrastructure Levy
Mayors Parks Programme
Deculverting,, ,,,
Blackwater River Habitat Enhancements & Fish PassageBlackwater River Habitat Enhancements & Fish PassageIn progressEnglandThamesLoddonBlackwater (Bramshill to River Loddon confluence at Swallowfield)GB106039017320ACountryChap12 November 20141 - 10 k€LandownerIntroducing large woody debris, Adding sinuosity, Improvement of natural flows,,Habitat enhancement, Improving fish migration,, ,,Decreased flood risk,,
Blake Avenue, Mayes BrookBlake Avenue, Mayes BrookPlannedEnglandThamesRoding, Beam and IngrebourneSeven Kings WaterGB106037028170Environment AgencyBank reprofiling,Reedbed creation, UK BAP habitat creation/restoration,,,Improved public access, Community Education,,
Bleinheim Palace ProjectBleinheim Palace ProjectCompleteEnglandThamesCotswoldsEvenlode (Bledington to Glyme confluence)GB106039029960Haycock Environmental Consultants
Amenity Water
Amenity Water,1 September 2005140 k€
140,000 €
100 - 500 k€Planting,Creation of pools and riffles, Introduction of spawning gravels,,Creation of backwaters,Channel narrowing, ,,,
Bockhampton EnhancementBockhampton EnhancementCompleteEnglandSouth WestDorsetFrome Dorset (Lower) & Furzebrook StreamGB108044009690Environment Agency
English Nature (now Natural England)
English Nature (now Natural England),,, ,,,
Bocking Blackwater River RestorationBocking Blackwater River RestorationIn progressEnglandAnglianCombined EssexBlackwater PantGB105037033860Essex Wildlife Trust1 August 2012Soft engineering solutions, Bank improvement, Channel reprofiling, Bank reprofiling,,Erosion protection, Creation of backwaters, Creation of wetland, Creation of pond,, ,,Awareness raising, Citizen participation in the restoration project,,
Bonesgate Phase 2Bonesgate Phase 2CompleteEnglandThamesLondonHogsmillGB106039017440Environment Agency1 January 2008100 - 500 k€Bank reprofiling,,Creation of pond,Creation of meanders, ,,Aesthetics, Improved public access,
Borrowash fish passBorrowash fish passCompleteEnglandHumberDerbyshire DerwentRiver Derwent from Bottle Brook to R TrentGB104028053240Environment Agency2 January 201221 September 2012770 k€
770,000 €
Environment AgencyLarinier fish pass,, ,,,
Boston ManorBoston ManorPlannedEnglandThamesLondonBrent (below Silk stream down to the Thames)GB106039023590Environment Agency,Creation of wetland, ,,,
Boulder Pool and Plough LaneBoulder Pool and Plough LanePlannedEnglandThamesLondonWandle (Croydon to Wandsworth) and the R. GravneyGB106039023460Environment Agency1 January 2008Bank reprofiling,,Creation of backwater ,,Improved public access,
Bourne End Recreation Ground River Enhancement ProjectBourne End Recreation Ground River Enhancement ProjectCompleteEnglandThamesThame and South ChilternsWye (High Wycombe fire station to Thames)GB106039023880Chilterns Chalk Streams Project
Chiltern Rangers
Revive the Wye
Environment Agency
Wooburn Gree & Bourne End Parish Council
Foundation for Water Research
Chiltern Rangers, Revive the Wye, Environment Agency, Wooburn Gree & Bourne End Parish Council, Foundation for Water Research4 May 201524 February 201610 - 50 k€Catchment Partnership Action Fund
Chilterns Chalk Streams Project
Chiltern Rangers
Creation of pools, Fish habitat restoration, Introducing large woody debris, Habitat restoration,,Habitat creation, Tree management,,Channel narrowing, Re-meandering, ,,Community involvement,,
Bow Brook Floodplain RestorationBow Brook Floodplain RestorationCompleteEnglandEnvironment Agency,, ,,,