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The query [[Category:Case study]] [[Country.RESTORE region::West]] [[Approval status::Approved]] was answered by the SMWSQLStore3 in 0.0625 seconds.

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 Approval status
Aston Clinton River RestorationApproved
Austria River Mur - Strategic river management for considerations in the power and water management sector in Styria/AustriaApproved
Austria Upper Mur - LIFE III (LIFE03 NAT/A/000011) „Inner-Alpine river basin management – Upper River Mur - murerleben I" 2003-2007Approved
Austria Upper Mur - LIFE+ (LIFE+ 08 NAT A 614) „Inner-Alpine river basin management – Upper River Mur - murerleben II" 2010-2015Approved
Austria Upper Mur - River Widening Weyern (LIFE III (LIFE03 NAT/A/000011) Inner-Alpine river basin management – Upper River Mur - murerleben I 2003-2007)Approved
Austria Upper Mur - River widening St. Peter Au (LIFE+ (LIFE+ 08 NAT A 614) Inner-Alpine river basin management – Upper River Mur - murerleben II 2010-2015)Approved
Austria Urban River Landscape - Urban River Landscape GrazApproved
Austria cross-border section - River widening Sicheldorf (ETZ-Project “DraMurCi” 2009-2013)Approved
Austria cross-border section - River widening measure Gosdorf I (Interreg IIIa Project "Maßnahmen Unteres Murtal" 2002-2007)Approved
Austria cross-border section - River widening measure Gosdorf II (ETZ-Project “DraMurCi” 2009-2013)Approved
Avon Barriers ProjectApproved
Avon Barriers Project: Ferengair WeirApproved
Babbs Mill reed bedApproved
Babingley River at HillingtonApproved
Bakenhof Dyke reconstructionApproved
Ballinderry Freshwater Pearl Mussel Rescue ProjectApproved
Barking Creek near A13Approved
Barking CreekmouthApproved
Barn Elms Wetland Centre, South West LondonApproved
Barnes CommonApproved
Barnes Common improvementsApproved
Barney Beck: Abandoned Metal MinesApproved
Bastion Maria (QUERCUS)Approved
Bathgate Watercourse Restoration ProjectApproved
Beam washlandsApproved
Beek Lage RaamApproved
Beekherstel BuurserbeekApproved
Beekherstel EefsebeekApproved
Beekherstel KeersopApproved
Beekherstel LeerinkbeekApproved
Beekherstel RamsbeekApproved
Beekherstel Reusel Baarschot-DiessenApproved
Beekherstel WillinkbeekApproved
Beekherstel Zuidelijk AfwateringskanaalApproved
Belford Natural Flood Management Scheme, NorthumberlandApproved
Beltringharder Koog Regulated Tidal Exchange SchemeApproved
Beneden-Leeuwen-Side channelApproved
Bio-engineering and creation of side channels along the rectified section of the Scarpe River in ArrasApproved
Bio-engineering techniques for bank protection on the Moselle River in Villey-le-SecApproved
Blackbrook Slow the Flow, St HelensApproved
Blackwater River Habitat Enhancements & Fish PassageApproved
Blauwe KamerApproved
Bleinheim Palace ProjectApproved
Bocking Blackwater River RestorationApproved
Bocq river (Walphy - LIFE project)Approved
Boosting slivsoApproved
Borrowash fish passApproved
Bourne End Recreation Ground River Enhancement ProjectApproved
Bow Brook Living LandscapeApproved
Brackenhurst Natural Flood ManagementApproved
Braid Burn at Inch ParkApproved
Brent River Park Phase IIApproved
Brightside Weir Fish PassApproved
Bringing Back the BulbourneApproved
Bristol Frome Diffuse Pollution ProjectApproved
Broadway Fields/ Seagers DistillaryApproved
Broom Road Recreation GroundApproved
Buiten OoijApproved
Bures Mill fish by-passApproved
Burn of Balmaleedy Restoration, MarykirkApproved
Burn of Mosset, ForresApproved
Burton Weir (Upper) Fish Pass ProjectApproved
Bury Lodge WetlandsApproved
Butter Hill Phase 2Approved
Camargue’s former saltworksApproved
Carnon River: Abandoned Metal MinesApproved
Castle Acre Rehabilitation ProjectApproved
Castle Irwell Urban WetlandApproved
Chambers WharfApproved
Charlton St Peter A 8Approved
Chase Nature ReserveApproved
Chelmer Valley Local Nature ReserveApproved
Ching Brook at Walthamstow Greyhound StadiumApproved
Chowder Ness Managed Realignment SchemeApproved
Clayton ValeApproved
Clitherow's Island, Brentford eel passApproved
Clugston Burn (CASS)Approved
Colfes SchoolApproved
Colne Water Restoration ProjectApproved
Community WetlandsApproved
Connswater Community GreenwayApproved
Conservation strategies for forest and wild river in Gesaeuse: the Johnsbach Beck restorationApproved
Conservation strategies for forest and wild river in Gesaeuse: the River Enns restorationApproved
Contournement d’un plan d’eau de loisirs sur le Gratteloup au niveau de la commune de La Ville-aux-ClercsApproved
Cornmill Gardens (QUERCUS)Approved
Craigton Riparian and NFM Orchard PlantingApproved
Crane Meadows Meander ConnectionsApproved
Crane ParkApproved
Creamery Weir fish barrier easementApproved
Creation of flood channels and restoration of exchanges between the flood plain and the low-flow channel on the VezouzeApproved
Création d’un bras de contournement de plusieurs étangs sur le Fliez et restauration du marais de ContesApproved
Cuckolds Haven Nature AreaApproved
Cudworth dyke restoration projectApproved
Cumbria River Restoration Program - Whitbeck restoration project - West CumbriaApproved
Cumbria River Restoration StrategyApproved
Dagenham Brook de-siltingApproved
Dagenham Washlands Phase 2Approved
Darley Abbey Fish Pass ProjectApproved
Day Brook Rain GardensApproved
Day Brook Restoration - GedlingApproved
De-culverting Moselle Brook at Lordship Recreation GroundApproved
Defra Strategic Environmental Partnership Project (DSEPP) 2011Approved
Delivering Multiple Benefits for Water on Foston BrookApproved
Devon Beaver Project and River Otter Beaver TrailApproved
Diffusing the Issue in Rural Ribble - River LoudApproved
Diffusing the Issue in rural RibbleApproved
Diffusing the Issue in rural Ribble - EasingtonApproved
Diffusing the Issue in rural Ribble - Skirden BeckApproved
Diffusing the Issue in rural Ribble - Stock BeckApproved
Diffusing the Issue in rural Ribble - SwansideApproved
Diversion of the River NithApproved
Dommeldal: cross-border habitat restoration in the Dommel ValleyApproved
Dorset CPAF ProjectsApproved
Dove Weir removalApproved
Downham Playing FieldsApproved
Dunruchan Farm Peatland Restoration ProjectApproved
Dunston Beck RestorationApproved
Démantèlement de l’ouvrage du Pont Fourneau sur la SelleApproved
Démantèlement de neuf ouvrages sur le cours de l’AaApproved
Dérivation et recréation du lit mineur du ruisseau de Bel Orient au droit de quatre plans d’eau à GueltasApproved
ERCIP - European River Corridor Improvement PlansApproved
East Devon Diffuse Pollution ProjectApproved
East Mascalls Fish PassApproved
Eastridge Estate restoration projectApproved
Eau Blanche River (Walphy - LIFE project)Approved
Ecclesbourne Farm projectApproved
Eddleston waterApproved
Eden Crayfish Restoration ProjectApproved
Effacement du seuil de Carayon sur le ThoréApproved
Effacement du seuil de Chelles Basse sur le MiodetApproved
Effacement du seuil du Moulin d’Hatrize sur l’OrneApproved
Effacement du seuil du moulin du Bourg sur le VicoinApproved
Effacement partiel de 14 seuils sur le Mutterbach et l’Hosterbach à Holving et HosteApproved
Effacement partiel de cinq seuils sur le ruisseau du BagasApproved
Effacement partiel du seuil Cros sur la DunièreApproved
Effacement partiel du seuil de Vas sur le CéansApproved
Elgin Flood Alleviation SchemeApproved
Emergency works after breach on Lough Neas Drain (Cloghcor)Approved
Emmanuel’s Common Reconnection ProjectApproved
Ems floodplainApproved
Enhancement of the River Crouch following a pollution incidentApproved
Enler River enhancement projectApproved
Ennerdale Mill Weir RemovalApproved
Essex Healthy Headwaters River Restoration ProjectApproved
European Fisheries FundApproved
Evenlode Catchment ProjectApproved
Exmoor Mires PartnershipApproved
Eycott HillApproved
Fairham Brook Restoration ProjectApproved
Fingringhoe Managed RealignmentApproved
Fish migration aid KW MelkApproved
Fishery/habitat enhancement on the Grand Union CanalApproved
Flood channel creation and reconnection between riverbed and its floodplain on Vezouze riverApproved
Flood detention basin (HRB) Ickern-MengedeApproved
Flood management and ecological restoration in the Dijle valleyApproved
Floodplain restoration in the River IJssel at GelderlandApproved
Floodplain restoration in the River TraisenApproved
Force Crag Mine RemediationApproved
France Farm (Phase 1) A 9Approved
Freiston Managed Realignment SchemeApproved
Friends of Afon Llwyd (FOAL)Approved
Friends of Bottesford BeckApproved
Gategill Beck: Abandoned Metal MinesApproved
Giving up the WeedApproved
Glaisdale Beck Restoration ProjectApproved
Glaisdale Beck diversion schemeApproved
Glenbrook WetlandsApproved
Goresbrook ParkApproved
Goshen Weir removal project, River Roch, BuryApproved
Gottar Water weir fish barrier easementApproved
Great Ryburgh End Restoration SchemeApproved
Greenwich PeninsulaApproved
Grovelands Park WetlandsApproved
Guash Habitat Restoration Project (Phase 1 and 2)Approved
Guisborough Flood Alleviation SchemeApproved
Gunnerside Gill: Abandoned metal minesApproved
Gunville Phase IApproved
Guphill Brook Riverine EnhancementApproved
HLS New ForestApproved
Habitat Improvement: Stonebridge River Reserve, Og and Marlborough Fish MigrationApproved
Habitat enhancement of the River Waveney through BressinghamApproved
Habitat improvements in the upper KennetApproved
Habitat restoration of the Kleine Net ValleyApproved
Hadfield Weir Fish PassApproved
Hainburg River RestorationApproved
Haltwhistle burn; a total catchment approachApproved
Hampton Court PalaceApproved
Harbertonford Flood Alleviation SchemeApproved
Harrow Lodge ParkApproved
Healthy RiversApproved
Hedleyhope BurnApproved
Herefordshire Asset Restoration Project (HARP)Approved
Herinrichting BeekloopApproved
Herinrichting beekdal TongelreepApproved
Hesketh Out Marsh Managed RealignmentApproved
Hierdense BeekApproved
Highland Water at Warwickslade LawnApproved
Hightown Sand Dune RestorationApproved
Hills to LevelsApproved
Historic Mill Restoration ProjectApproved
Hoffer BrookApproved
Hogsmill River Connectivity ProjectApproved
Hogsmill Sewage Treatment Works phase 1Approved
Holmsley Inclosure Stream RestorationApproved
Holnicote multi-objective flood risk management demonstration projectApproved
Houghton 'trout stream' enhancementsApproved
Houndsden Road Rain GardensApproved
Hull and East Riding Catchment PartnershipApproved
Humber Estuary Erosion Protection ProgrammeApproved
Hurst ParkApproved
INTERREG MED WETNET - Membership card of the Verdier Marshes-Rhone Delta Wetland ContractApproved
Improvement of the River Varde at the Wadden Sea estuaryApproved
Improving conservation condition of the National Trust managed river test SSSIApproved
Improving the Conservation Status of Freshwater Pearl Mussel Targeting the Clun SAC and Upstream WatersApproved
Improving water quality in LoweswaterApproved
Inchewan Burn Bed restorationApproved
Inspiring Water Action in the Torne (iWAIT)Approved
Investigating the Impacts of Upland Land Use Management on Flood Risk at Pontbren, WalesApproved
Investigating the impact of floodplain woodland on flood flows in the River Cary catchment, SomersetApproved
Investigating the impact of upland conifer afforestation on catchment hydrology at Coalburn, northern EnglandApproved
Investigating the interaction between semi-natural floodplain woodland and flood flows at Great Triley WoodApproved
Ironbridge FarmApproved
Kentchurch Weir RemovalApproved
Kirkstall Valley Weir Fish Passes ProjectApproved
Klassiek beekherstel Astense AaApproved
Kleblach-Side channelApproved
Kleine Aa, traject Smalwater NoordApproved
Knepp Rewilding ProjectApproved
Knock Burn low flow channelApproved
LARA (Lugg and River Arrow)Approved
LIFE03NAT/A/000009 WachauApproved
LIFE07 NAT/A/000010 Living space in the rivers of Mostviertel - WachauApproved
Ladywell Fields (QUERCUS)Approved
Land acquisition on the banks of the Ouche RiverApproved
Langford Lakes projectApproved
Langonnet riverApproved
Lek Bij EverdingenApproved
Letting the Dove FlowApproved
Levington Saltmarsh Restoration, SuffolkApproved
Limestone Ribble Restoration ProjectApproved
Lippeaue KlostermerschApproved
Lippenbroek Regulated Tidal Exchange SchemeApproved
Litter Clear-Ups (Since 2004)Approved
Little Don Catchment Case StudyApproved
Little Waltham Meadows Back Channel creationApproved
Lodge Burn Flood Alleviation SchemeApproved