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The query [[Category:Case study]] [[Project title::!Hackbridge Restoration]] [[Subcatchment title::Wandle (Croydon to Wandsworth) and the R. Gravney]] was answered by the SMWSQLStore3 in 0.0313 seconds.

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Other case studies in this subcatchment: Merton Abbey Mills Eel Pass, Mill Green, Morden Hall, Morden Hall Park Water Vole Habitat Enhancement, New South Quarter - Croydon, Norbury Brook in Norbury Park, Plough Lane weir removal, Poulter Park, Poulter Park Eel Pass, Poulter Park Lake Eel Pass, Rams Brewery, Ravensbury Park, Ravensbury Park back channel, Restoration of Wandle Park, Shepley Mill Fish Pass, Wandle Valley Wetlands, Weir Road