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 Approval status
2e Lower Woodsford River and Floodplain EnhancementApproved
3Rivers - Lumburn:Walkham:TavyApproved
Aaijen- Removal of bank fixationApproved
Abaissement et démantèlement de trois clapets sur l’Orge avalApproved
Abbey Brook WeirApproved
Abbotts Hall Managed Realignment SchemeApproved
Adams Mill enhancementsApproved
Adaptive management of hydraulic structures in the Sèvre nantaise and Thouet basinsApproved
Adare Fish CounterApproved
Agreed definition of mobility area for the AdourApproved
Alkborough tidal defence schemeApproved
Allt Lorgy River RestorationApproved
Alma Road Rain GardensApproved
Amerongse BovenpolderApproved
Aménagement du plan d’eau de la Sangsue et création d’un bras de contournement du WoigotApproved
Anton Crescent Wetlands RegenerationApproved
Arasement du seuil des Treize Saules sur la QuilienneApproved
Arasement du vannage du moulin de Réveillon et réaménagement du lit mineur de la BlaiseApproved
Arborfield nature like bypass and weirs projectApproved
Assessing the habitats outcomes of Floodplain Forest restoration: the case study of the floodplain forest at the Ouse Valley ParkApproved