Property:Wider engagement measure

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This is a property of type String.

Initial autocomplete values are:

  • Information provision
  • Consultation
  • Participation in design
  • Participation in works
  • Participation in maintenance
  • Participation in monitoring
  • Basin contract
  • River contract
  • Agenda 21

User-entered values will also be available in autocomplete for fields of this type.

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2e Lower Woodsford River and Floodplain Enhancement +Raised interest in future projects  +
3Rivers - Lumburn:Walkham:Tavy +Survey work  +
Adaptive management of hydraulic structures in the Sèvre nantaise and Thouet basins +Information provision  +, Consultation  +, Participation in works  +,
Agreed definition of mobility area for the Adour +Consultation  +
Allt Lorgy River Restoration +Demonstration site for natural flood management techniques  +
Arborfield nature like bypass and weirs project +Local support  +, Community engagement  +
Assessing the habitats outcomes of Floodplain Forest restoration: the case study of the floodplain forest at the Ouse Valley Park +Information board erected  +
Aston Clinton River Restoration +Information board erected  +
Barn Elms Wetland Centre, South West London +Monitoring and survey projects  +
Barney Beck: Abandoned Metal Mines +Sampling to investigate metal pollution  +, Improving water quality  +
Bastion Maria (QUERCUS) +Restored historical feature  +
Beekherstel Beekloop BmN +Afspraken met belanghebbende over waterverdeling  +
Beekherstel Reusel Baarschot-Diessen +Er worden gebiedsbijeenkomsten gehouden voor belanghebbende  +
Biodiversity conservation and recovery in the river basin Asón +Interpretive centre was set up  +
Bird Reserve “Tancat de la Pipa” (Valencia) +Improvement of the socio-economic and other culture heritage network  +
Bird reserve “El Clot” (Tarragona) +Advice of local farmers  +
Bird reserve “Finca San Miguel” (Huesca) +Crops from the private property for nesting and alimentation  +
Bird reserve “Los Albardales” (Madrid) +Practical volunteering activities  +
Bird reserve “Riet Vell” (Tarragona) +Advice from farmers  +
Bringing Back the Bulbourne +Survey work  +, Fish surveys  +
Bristol Frome Diffuse Pollution Project +Survey work  +
Buzzards Mouth Creek +Economic benefits  +
Carnon River: Abandoned Metal Mines +inverte-brate analysis  +, Improving water quality  +
Colne Water Restoration Project +Practical volunteering activities like river clean-ups  +, Wildlife surveys  +, Public consultation  +,
Community Wetlands +Information provision  +