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Apelnäs fishway at River Rolfså +Complete  +
Arasement du seuil des Treize Saules sur la Quilienne +Complete  +
Arasement du vannage du moulin de Réveillon et réaménagement du lit mineur de la Blaise +Complete  +
Arborfield nature like bypass and weirs project +Complete  +
Arnos Park - Pymmes Brook +Planned  +
Ashlone Wharf FCRM scheme +In progress  +
Assessing the habitats outcomes of Floodplain Forest restoration: the case study of the floodplain forest at the Ouse Valley Park +Complete  +
Aston Clinton River Restoration +Complete  +
Austria River Mur - Strategic river management for considerations in the power and water management sector in Styria/Austria +Complete  +
Austria Upper Mur - LIFE III (LIFE03 NAT/A/000011) „Inner-Alpine river basin management – Upper River Mur - murerleben I" 2003-2007 +Complete  +
Austria Upper Mur - LIFE+ (LIFE+ 08 NAT A 614) „Inner-Alpine river basin management – Upper River Mur - murerleben II" 2010-2015 +In progress  +
Austria Upper Mur - Public relations in murerleben I + II LIFE III (LIFE03 NAT/A/000011) and LIFE+ (LIFE+ 08 NAT A 614) „Inner-Alpine river basin management – Upper River Mur - murerleben I+II" 2003-2015 +In progress  +
Austria Upper Mur - River Widening Weyern (LIFE III (LIFE03 NAT/A/000011) Inner-Alpine river basin management – Upper River Mur - murerleben I 2003-2007) +Complete  +
Austria Upper Mur - River widening Lässer Au (LIFE+ (LIFE+ 08 NAT A 614) Inner-Alpine river basin management – Upper River Mur - murerleben II 2010-2015) +Complete  +
Austria Upper Mur - River widening St. Peter Au (LIFE+ (LIFE+ 08 NAT A 614) Inner-Alpine river basin management – Upper River Mur - murerleben II 2010-2015) +Complete  +
Austria Urban River Landscape - Urban River Landscape Graz +In progress  +
Austria Urban River Landscape - Urban River Landscape Master Plan Leoben +In progress  +
Austria cross-border section - Monitoring sediment transport and Habitat modelling (ETZ-Project “DraMurCi” 2009-2013) +Complete  +
Austria cross-border section - River widening Sicheldorf (ETZ-Project “DraMurCi” 2009-2013) +Complete  +
Austria cross-border section - River widening measure Gosdorf I (Interreg IIIa Project "Maßnahmen Unteres Murtal" 2002-2007) +Complete  +
Austria cross-border section - River widening measure Gosdorf II (ETZ-Project “DraMurCi” 2009-2013) +Complete  +
Austria/Slovenia Urban River Landscape - ETZ-“Skupaj“ - Joint urban and natural development at the Mur banks in Gornja Radgona and Bad Radkersburg +Complete  +
Austria/Slovenia cross-border cooperation - “Die Murkommission” – Bilateral River Commission +In progress  +
Austria/Slovenia cross-border section - ETZ-Project “DraMurCi” 2009-2013 +Complete  +
Austria/Slovenia cross-border section - Interreg IIIa Project "Maßnahmen Unteres Murtal" 2003-2008 +Complete  +
Avon Barriers Project +In progress  +
Avon Barriers Project: Ferengair Weir +In progress  +
Babbs Mill reed bed +Complete  +
Babingley River at Hillington +Complete  +
Bakenhof Dyke reconstruction +Complete  +
Ballinderry Freshwater Pearl Mussel Rescue Project +In progress  +
Barking Creek near A13 +Complete  +
Barking Creekmouth +Complete  +
Barn Elms Sports Ground +Planned  +
Barn Elms Wetland Centre, South West London +Complete  +
Barnes Common +Complete  +
Barnes Common improvements +Complete  +
Barney Beck: Abandoned Metal Mines +In progress  +
Basic proposals for restoration and enhancement of the stream of Vilamajor in Sant Antoni de Vilamajor +Complete  +
Bastion Maria (QUERCUS) +Complete  +
Bathgate Watercourse Restoration Project +Planned  +
Beam washlands +Complete  +
Beck from the Brink +Complete  +
Beddington Park +Planned  +
Beddington Park Enhancements +Complete  +
Beek Lage Raam +In progress  +
Beekherstel Beekloop +Complete  +
Beekherstel Beekloop BmN +Complete  +
Beekherstel Buurserbeek +Complete  +
Beekherstel Eefsebeek +In progress  +
Beekherstel Keersop +In progress  +
Beekherstel Lactariabeek +Complete  +
Beekherstel Leerinkbeek +Complete  +
Beekherstel Ramsbeek +Complete  +
Beekherstel Reusel Baarschot-Diessen +In progress  +
Beekherstel Willinkbeek +Complete  +
Beekherstel Zuidelijk Afwateringskanaal +In progress  +
Belford Natural Flood Management Scheme, Northumberland +Complete  +
Bell Green Weir fish passage +Complete  +
Beltringharder Koog Regulated Tidal Exchange Scheme +Complete  +
Beneden-Berkel +In progress  +
Beneden-Leeuwen-Side channel +Complete  +
Beverley Brook Flow control structures +Complete  +
Beverley Brook d/s of Rock’s Lane +Planned  +
Beverley Park +Planned  +
Big Yellow +Complete  +
Bio-engineering and creation of side channels along the rectified section of the Scarpe River in Arras +Complete  +
Bio-engineering techniques for bank protection on the Moselle River in Villey-le-Sec +Complete  +
Biodiversity conservation and recovery in the river basin Asón +Complete  +
Biologisk återställning i Rolfsåns vattensystem +Complete  +
Biomura LIFE06NAT/SI/000066 +Complete  +
Biotop and flood measures in the Mykle river (Mykleelva) and Vanebu river (Vanebuelva) +Complete  +
Bird Reserve “Tancat de la Pipa” (Valencia) +In progress  +
Bird reserve “El Clot” (Tarragona) +In progress  +
Bird reserve “Finca San Miguel” (Huesca) +In progress  +
Bird reserve “Las Marismas Blancas” (Cantabria) +In progress  +
Bird reserve “Los Albardales” (Madrid) +In progress  +
Bird reserve “O Grove” (Pontevedra) +In progress  +
Bird reserve “Riet Vell” (Tarragona) +In progress  +
Birkin Brook Habitat Improvements, Cheshire +Complete  +
Blackbrook Slow the Flow, St Helens +In progress  +
Blackhorse Lane Waterfront Park +Planned  +
Blackwater River Habitat Enhancements & Fish Passage +In progress  +
Blake Avenue, Mayes Brook +Planned  +
Blanice River +Complete  +
Blauwe Kamer +Complete  +
Bleinheim Palace Project +Complete  +
Bockhampton Enhancement +Complete  +
Bocking Blackwater River Restoration +In progress  +
Bocq river (Walphy - LIFE project) +Complete  +
Bonesgate Phase 2 +Complete  +
Boosting slivso +Complete  +
Borova Stream and its Revitalisation +Complete  +
Borrowash fish pass +Complete  +
Bosgården nature-like fishway at River Rolfså +Complete  +
Boston Manor +Planned  +
Boulder Pool and Plough Lane +Planned  +
Bourne End Recreation Ground River Enhancement Project +Complete  +
Bow Brook Floodplain Restoration +Complete  +
Bow Brook Living Landscape +Complete  +
Bowthorpe Meadow, River Yare +Complete  +
Brackenhurst Natural Flood Management +In progress  +
Braid Burn at Inch Park +Complete  +
Brent Lodge Park Improvement +Planned  +
Brent River Improvement Project- Brent Lodge Park to Ruislip Road Eastruislip +Complete  +
Brent River Park Phase II +Planned  +
Brightside Weir Fish Pass +Complete  +
Bringing Back the Bulbourne +Complete  +
Bristol Frome Diffuse Pollution Project +Complete  +
Broadway Fields/ Seagers Distillary +Planned  +
Brook Ramlösa-Restoration of agricultural stream +Complete  +
Broom Road Recreation Ground +Planned  +
Buenz +Complete  +
Built Kjøsnesbekken in the river Stjørdalselva +Complete  +
Buiten Ooij +Complete  +
Bullhead Dock and Bellamy’s Wharf - Rotherhithe +Complete  +
Bures Mill fish by-pass +Complete  +
Burn of Balmaleedy Restoration, Marykirk +In progress  +
Burn of Mosset, Forres +Complete  +
Burton Weir (Upper) Fish Pass Project +Complete  +
Bury Lodge Wetlands +In progress  +
Butter Hill Phase 2 +Complete  +
Buzzards Mouth Creek +Planned  +
Cain weir removal +In progress  +
Camargue’s former saltworks +In progress  +
Cardiff Rivers Group +In progress  +
Carnon River: Abandoned Metal Mines +In progress  +
Case study:Biological protection shield to control streambank erosion in Ätran 2 +Complete  +
Castle Acre Rehabilitation Project +Complete  +
Castle Irwell Urban Wetland +Complete  +
Catford Greyhound Stadium +Planned  +
Chambers Wharf +Complete  +
Channel Sea +Planned  +
Charlton St Peter A 8 +Complete  +
Chase Nature Reserve +Complete  +
Chelmer Valley Local Nature Reserve +Complete  +
Cheriton Stream Restoration Project +Complete  +
Chertsey meads +Complete  +
Chiese river upstream Idro lake – Trentino region +Complete  +
Chigwell Brook +Complete  +
Ching Brook at Walthamstow Greyhound Stadium +Planned  +
Chowder Ness Managed Realignment Scheme +Complete  +
Chícamo Life project. Conservation of Aphanius iberus´ genetics stocks (Murcia ) +Complete  +
Civic Way, Yeading Brook +Complete  +
Clayton Vale +In progress  +
Clitherow's Island, Brentford eel pass +Complete  +
Clugston Burn (CASS) +Complete  +
Colfes School +Planned  +
Colliers Row +Planned  +
Colne Brook +Planned  +
Colne Water Restoration Project +In progress  +
Columbia Wharf +Planned  +
Comal River Restoration +In progress  +
Community Wetlands +Complete  +
Compton Island and Meanders +Complete  +
Coniston Cold weir removal +Complete  +
Connswater Community Greenway +Complete  +
Conservation of alluvial +Complete  +
Conservation strategies for forest and wild river in Gesaeuse: the Johnsbach Beck restoration +Complete  +
Conservation strategies for forest and wild river in Gesaeuse: the River Enns restoration +Complete  +
Conservation the public water domain in the Tajo basin, t. m. Alcocer, province of Guadalajara. +Complete  +
Contournement d’un plan d’eau de loisirs sur le Gratteloup au niveau de la commune de La Ville-aux-Clercs +Complete  +
Control and permeabilization of the marsh to the river, the Brazo de la Torre and Entremuros +Complete  +
Corfe River +Complete  +
Cornmill Gardens (QUERCUS) +Complete  +
County Gardens, Mayes Brook +Planned  +
Coutershaw FIP Project +Complete  +
Craigton Riparian and NFM Orchard Planting +Complete  +
Crane Meadows Meander Connections +Complete  +
Crane Park +Planned  +
Cranford Park Phase 2 +Complete  +
Cray River Enhancement +Complete  +
Creamery Weir fish barrier easement +Complete  +
Creating a fishpass at Włocławek dam +Complete  +
Creation and restoration of a riparian zone +Complete  +
Creation of a Constructed Farm Wetland +Complete  +
Creation of flood channels and restoration of exchanges between the flood plain and the low-flow channel on the Vezouze +Complete  +
Creation of spawning ground for Baltic salmon, anadromous brown trout and river lamprey at Veneküla rapid, river Pirita +Complete  +
Crosthwaite Deculverting +Complete  +
Création d’un bras de contournement de plusieurs étangs sur le Fliez et restauration du marais de Contes +Complete  +
Cuckolds Haven Nature Area +Complete  +
Cuddington Park +Planned  +
Cudworth dyke restoration project +Planned  +
Cumbria River Restoration Program - Whitbeck restoration project - West Cumbria +Complete  +
Cumbria River Restoration Strategy +In progress  +
Dagenham Brook de-silting +Complete  +
Dagenham Washlands Phase 2 +Complete  +
Dam removal at Grönkullen, River Rolfsån +Complete  +
Dam removal in River Stenån +Complete  +
Darent Valley Path +Planned  +
Darley Abbey Fish Pass Project +Complete  +
Day Brook Rain Gardens +Complete  +
Day Brook Restoration - Gedling +Complete  +
Ddu Restoration Project +In progress  +
De-culverting Moselle Brook at Lordship Recreation Ground +Complete  +
Debenham Flood Storage Options - flood modelling and economic assessment +Planned  +
Defra Strategic Environmental Partnership Project (DSEPP) 2011 +Complete  +
Delivering Multiple Benefits for Water on Foston Brook +In progress  +
Demolition of weir on the River Nora, Nalón Basin +Complete  +
Derbyshire Habitat Improvements +Complete  +
Design and Application of a Sustainable Soil Management Model for Orchard Crops in the Doñana National Park Area +Complete  +
Devon Beaver Project and River Otter Beaver Trail +In progress  +
Diffusing the Issue in Rural Ribble - River Loud +In progress  +
Diffusing the Issue in rural Ribble +In progress  +
Diffusing the Issue in rural Ribble - Easington +In progress  +
Diffusing the Issue in rural Ribble - Skirden Beck +In progress  +
Diffusing the Issue in rural Ribble - Stock Beck +In progress  +
Diffusing the Issue in rural Ribble - Swanside +In progress  +
Diversion of the River Nith +Complete  +
Dommeldal: cross-border habitat restoration in the Dommel Valley +Complete  +
Dorset CPAF Projects +Complete  +
Dove Weir removal +Complete  +
Dovers Corner +Planned  +
Downham Playing Fields +Complete  +
Downton Millennium Gardens- Hampshire Avon +Complete  +
Doñana 2005 +Complete  +
Drayton +Complete  +
Dunruchan Farm Peatland Restoration Project +Complete  +
Dunston Beck Restoration +Complete  +
Durand Close +Planned  +
Démantèlement de l’ouvrage du Pont Fourneau sur la Selle +Complete  +
Démantèlement de neuf ouvrages sur le cours de l’Aa +Complete  +
Dérivation et recréation du lit mineur du ruisseau de Bel Orient au droit de quatre plans d’eau à Gueltas +Complete  +
EDF Weir removal +In progress  +
ERCIP - European River Corridor Improvement Plans +In progress  +
East Devon Diffuse Pollution Project +Complete  +
East Mascalls Fish Pass +Complete  +
East Tullos Burn Environment Improvements Project +Complete  +
Eastridge Estate restoration project +Complete  +
Eau Blanche River (Walphy - LIFE project) +Complete  +
Ecclesbourne Farm project +Complete  +
Ecological Restoration of Mata-Radeanu Complex +Complete  +
Ecological Restoration of Natural Lake Pochina +Complete  +
Ecological Restoration of Vlascuta Lake +Complete  +
Ecological reconstruction of islands resulted after Sf. Gheorghe Arm rectification - project 1 +Complete  +
Ecological reconstruction of islands resulted after Sf. Gheorghe Arm rectification - project 2 +Complete  +
Ecological reconstruction of islands resulted after Sf. Gheorghe Arm rectification - project 3 +Complete  +
Ecological restoration of The Arboleda and the Meander of Santes Creus. Aiguamúrcia municipality (Alt Camp). Gaia River Basin +Complete  +
Eddleston water +In progress  +
Eden Crayfish Restoration Project +In progress  +
Edgeware Brook, Honeypot Lane +Planned  +
Eel Pass over tilting weir at Ravensbury Park +Complete  +
Effacement du seuil de Carayon sur le Thoré +Complete  +
Effacement du seuil de Chelles Basse sur le Miodet +Complete  +
Effacement du seuil du Moulin d’Hatrize sur l’Orne +Complete  +
Effacement du seuil du moulin du Bourg sur le Vicoin +Complete  +
Effacement partiel de 14 seuils sur le Mutterbach et l’Hosterbach à Holving et Hoste +Complete  +
Effacement partiel de cinq seuils sur le ruisseau du Bagas +Complete  +
Effacement partiel du seuil Cros sur la Dunière +Complete  +
Effacement partiel du seuil de Vas sur le Céans +Complete  +
Eldbäcken +Complete  +
Elgin Flood Alleviation Scheme +In progress  +
Elimination of a pond along the Erve River and conservation of the historical heritage in Sainte-Suzanne-et-Chammes +Complete  +
Elmbridge Meadows +Planned  +
Emergency works after breach on Lough Neas Drain (Cloghcor) +Complete  +
Emmanuel’s Common Reconnection Project +Complete  +
Ems floodplain +Complete  +
Enfield Town Park Wetlands +Complete  +
Enhancement of the River Crouch following a pollution incident +Complete  +
Enhancements in Hampstead Heath +Planned  +
Enler River enhancement project +Complete  +
Ennerdale Mill Weir Removal +Complete  +
Environment-friendly Reduction of Flood Risk in the Multi-thread Reach of the Czarny Dunajec River +Complete  +
Environmental Restoration of Olivar-El Zaudin Metropolitan Park in Tomares +Complete  +
Environmental Restoration of the Lower Section of the Bembézar River and its River Environment (Phase 1) +In progress  +
Environmental Restoration of the Riopudio Stream in Sevilla +Complete  +
Environmental design Mandalsvassdraget +Complete  +
Environmental improvement intervention in a reach Anzur River in the village of El Nacimiento, in the Municipality of Rute (Cordoba) +Complete  +
Environmental improvement project of the stream of Ruby +Complete  +
Environmental regeneration project in Magro river bed +Complete  +
Environmental restoration of the lower section of the river Narcea in the municipalities of Salas and Pravia (Asturias) +Complete  +
Environmental restoration of the river Zújar +Complete  +
Environmental restoration project of the Guadajoz River (Castro del Río, Andalusia) +Complete  +
Environmental restoration project of the river area of the Ripoll River as it passes through the municipality of Ripollet (Vallès Occidental) +Complete  +
Essex Healthy Headwaters River Restoration Project +Complete  +
Essex Wharf +Planned  +
European Fisheries Fund +Complete  +
Evenlode Catchment Project +In progress  +
Exmoor Mires Partnership +In progress  +
Experimental flood in the Cardener river +Complete  +
Experimental flood in the Ebro river +Complete  +
Experimental flood in the Pisuerga river +Complete  +
Eycott Hill +In progress  +
Fairham Brook Restoration Project +Complete  +
Fairlop Plain and Fairlop Water +Planned  +
Farming For Water +In progress  +
Fender River Restoration Project - Bidston, Wirral +Complete  +
Ferry Lane North drainage realignment +Complete  +
Fingringhoe Managed Realignment +Complete  +
Firs Farm Wetlands +In progress  +
Fish migration aid KW Melk +Complete  +
Fish pass in Las Librerías weir on the Guadiela River +Complete  +
Fish pass on the Najerilla River +Complete  +
Fish passes construction on Marta River +Complete  +
Fishery/habitat enhancement on the Grand Union Canal +In progress  +
Flood channel creation and reconnection between riverbed and its floodplain on Vezouze river +Complete  +
Flood detention basin (HRB) Ickern-Mengede +Complete  +
Flood management and ecological restoration in the Dijle valley +Complete  +
Floodplain recreation on the Montone River at San Tomè (Forlì) +Complete  +
Floodplain recreation on the Montone River at the confluence with the Rabbi Stream +Complete  +
Floodplain restoration in the River IJssel at Gelderland +Complete  +
Floodplain restoration in the River Traisen +Complete  +
Fluvial improvement in Riera de Caldés +Complete  +
Fluvial longitudinal continuity recovery in river Aguanaz, Cantabria, Spain +Complete  +
Fluvial restoration in River Carrión +Complete  +
Fluvial river restoration of Tordera in Sant Celoni +Complete  +
Fluvial river restoration of Tordera in Tordera +Complete  +
Force Crag Mine Remediation +In progress  +
Fordmill weir +Planned  +
Forest Halt, Saltburn Valley Gardens +Complete  +
France Farm (Phase 1) A 9 +Complete  +
Freiston Managed Realignment Scheme +Complete  +
Fresh Wharf +Planned  +
Friary Park +Complete  +
Friends of Afon Llwyd (FOAL) +Complete  +
Friends of Bottesford Beck +In progress  +
Friern Barnet Former Sewage Works +Complete  +
Frog Island +Planned  +
Garratt Park +Planned  +
Gategill Beck: Abandoned Metal Mines +In progress  +
Gaywood restoration project +Complete  +
Gilev's Grove reconstruction +In progress  +
Giving up the Weed +In progress  +
Glaisdale Beck Restoration Project +Complete  +
Glaisdale Beck diversion scheme +Complete  +
Glenbrook Wetlands +In progress  +
Goodmayes Park, Mayes Brook +Planned  +
Goresbrook Park +Planned  +
Goresbrook and Ship and Shovel Sewer +Planned  +
Goshen Weir removal project, River Roch, Bury +Complete  +
Gottar Water weir fish barrier easement +In progress  +
Great Ryburgh End Restoration Scheme +Complete  +
Greater Thames Estuary Fish Migration Roadmap +In progress  +
Greenwich Peninsula +Complete  +
Grovelands Park Wetlands +Complete  +
Guadiamar Green Corridor Project +Complete  +
Guadiato Life project Model for restoring and integrating water resources in a mining area, actions for an alternative development +Complete  +
Guash Habitat Restoration Project (Phase 1 and 2) +Complete  +
Guisborough Flood Alleviation Scheme +In progress  +
Gunnerside Gill: Abandoned metal mines +In progress  +
Gunville Phase I +Complete  +
Guphill Brook Riverine Enhancement +In progress  +
HLS New Forest +In progress  +
HPP Blanca +Complete  +
Habitat Enhancements, River Glaven at Wiveton, Norfolk +Complete  +
Habitat Enhancments, Reepham Stream, River Blackwater, Norfolk +Complete  +
Habitat Improvement: Stonebridge River Reserve, Og and Marlborough Fish Migration +In progress  +
Habitat Improvements on the River Colne at West Drayton +In progress  +
Habitat Management and Raptor Conservation in Nestos Delta and Gorge - LIFE02 NAT/GR/008489 +Complete  +
Habitat and water flow restoration on River Rábca +Complete  +
Habitat enhancement of the River Waveney through Bressingham +Complete  +
Habitat improvement measures in Bortneelva +Complete  +
Habitat improvement project in Segre river, in Alòs de Balaguer +Complete  +
Habitat improvements in the upper Kennet +In progress  +
Habitat measures Hollundbekken +In progress  +
Habitat measures in Strynevassdraget +Complete  +
Habitat restoration of the Kleine Net Valley +Complete  +
Hackbridge Restoration +In progress  +
Hackbridge weir notch +Complete  +
Hackney Marsh recreation grounds +Planned  +
Hackney Marshes - Wick Field recreation ground +Planned  +
Hadfield Weir Fish Pass +Complete  +
Hainburg River Restoration +Complete  +
Hale Wharf +Planned  +
Hall Place weir modification +Planned  +
Haltwhistle burn; a total catchment approach +Complete  +
Hampton Court Palace +Complete  +
Harbertonford Flood Alleviation Scheme +Complete  +
Harrow Lodge Park +Planned  +
Haynes Park +Planned  +
Healthy Rivers +Complete  +
Hedleyhope Burn +Complete  +
Herefordshire Asset Restoration Project (HARP) +Complete  +
Herinrichting Beekloop +Complete  +
Herinrichting beekdal Tongelreep +Complete  +
Hesketh Out Marsh Managed Realignment +Complete  +
Hierdense Beek +In progress  +
Highland Water at Warwickslade Lawn +Complete  +
Hightown Sand Dune Restoration +In progress  +
Hills to Levels +In progress  +
Historic Mill Restoration Project +Complete  +
Hoffer Brook +Complete  +
Hofstadelva +Complete  +
Hogsmill River Connectivity Project +Complete  +
Hogsmill Sewage Treatment Works phase 1 +Complete  +
Hogsmill river enhancement +Complete  +
Hollyoak Wood and Willersley Park +Planned  +
Holmsley Inclosure Stream Restoration +Complete  +
Holnicote multi-objective flood risk management demonstration project +In progress  +
Hoo Brook root plates +Complete  +
Horne Way Weir +Planned  +
Hospital Bridge Road +Complete  +
Houghton 'trout stream' enhancements +Complete  +
Houndsden Road Rain Gardens +In progress  +
Hoveton Wetlands Restoration Project +Complete  +
Hull and East Riding Catchment Partnership +In progress  +
Humber Estuary Erosion Protection Programme +Planned  +
Hurdalselva - River Hurdalselv +Complete  +
Hurst Bridge (downstream) +Complete  +
Hurst Park +Planned  +
INTERREG MED WETNET - Membership card of the Verdier Marshes-Rhone Delta Wetland Contract +Complete  +
INTERREG MED WETNET - Memoradum on Participation in Wetland Conservation in Ljubljansko Barje Nature Park +Complete  +
INTERREG MED WETNET – Management Plan for the Cañizar Lagoon (ARAGON) +Complete  +
INTERREG MED WETNET – Melides Lagoon Environmental Agreement for Wetland Contract +Complete  +
INTERREG MED WETNET – Memorandum of Cooperation towards a Wetland Contract for the Island of Gozo +Complete  +
INTERREG MED WETNET – Memorandum of Understanding for the realization of the Wetland Contract for the Vercelli rice plain +Complete  +
INTERREG MED WETNET – Negotiated Planning Agreement “Wetland Contract of the Caorle lagoon system” +Complete  +
INTERREG MED WETNET – Odiel Marshes Wetland Contract and Action plan +Complete  +
INTERREG MED WETNET- Albufera de Valéncia Memorandu of Cooperation for Wetland Contract +Complete  +
Illinios River-Private Property1 +Complete  +
Illinois River- Private Property 3 +Complete  +
Illinois River- Private Property2 +Complete  +
Improved longitudinal continuity of the Lozoya River, upstream the Pinilla dam (Madrid) +Complete  +
Improvement of ecological state of the river Pisuerga between the dam of Aguilar de Campo and Alar del Rey (Palencia) - 1st Stage. +Complete  +
Improvement of the River Varde at the Wadden Sea estuary +Complete  +
Improvement of the Terri River in the industrial zone (Phase I and II) +Complete  +
Improving conservation condition of the National Trust managed river test SSSI +In progress  +
Improving the Conservation Status of Freshwater Pearl Mussel Targeting the Clun SAC and Upstream Waters +In progress  +
Improving the ecological status of the Black River and tributaries (Zamora) +Complete  +
Improving the structure of the Lahn-patak in Hungary +Complete  +
Improving water quality in Loweswater +In progress  +
Inchewan Burn Bed restoration +Complete  +
Increased biodiversity, river Llobregat, Sallent. +Complete  +
Inspiring Water Action in the Torne (iWAIT) +Complete  +
International recovery of the river Minho: an example of sustainable hydraulic exploitation +Complete  +
Inturia dam removal +Complete  +
Investigating the Impacts of Upland Land Use Management on Flood Risk at Pontbren, Wales +Complete  +
Investigating the impact of floodplain woodland on flood flows in the River Cary catchment, Somerset +Complete  +
Investigating the impact of upland conifer afforestation on catchment hydrology at Coalburn, northern England +In progress  +
Investigating the interaction between semi-natural floodplain woodland and flood flows at Great Triley Wood +Complete  +
Ironbridge Farm +In progress  +
Irpin river restoration +Planned  +
Isar-Plan +Complete  +
Keent +Complete  +
Kelham Island Weir Fish Easement +Complete  +
Kentchurch Weir Removal +Complete  +
Kimpton Park +Complete  +
King Georges Park +Planned  +
King Georges Playing Field +Planned  +
Kirkstall Valley Weir Fish Passes Project +Complete  +
Klassiek beekherstel Astense Aa +Complete  +
Kleblach-Side channel +Complete  +
Kleine Aa, traject Smalwater Noord +Complete  +
Knepp Rewilding Project +Complete  +
Knock Burn low flow channel +Complete  +
Kuuskoski-Fishway +Complete  +
Kvarnekulla nature like bypass channel at River Knipån +Complete  +
LARA (Lugg and River Arrow) +Complete  +
LIFE 06 NAT/SLO/000069 Intermittent Lake Cerknica +Complete  +
LIFE Charcos - Conservação de Charcos Temporários na Costa Sudoeste de Portugal (Conservation of Med Temporary Ponds in SW Portugal) +Complete  +
LIFE ECORICE - Vercelli rice fields +Complete  +
LIFE GREENCHANGE (LIFE17 NAT/IT/000619) – Construction of green infrastructures in the Fondazione Caetani farm – Restoration of the Fosso Epitaffio +Planned  +
LIFE GREENCHANGE (LIFE17 NAT/IT/000619) – Environmental restoration of the wet ecosystem along the Ufente river +Planned  +
LIFE REWETLAND - A wide-area programme for improving the quality of surface water in the agro pontino by means of natural purification techniques +Complete  +
LIFE RISORGIVE – Bacino Castellaro +Complete  +
LIFE RISORGIVE – Fontane Marzare +Complete  +
LIFE RISORGIVE – Roggia Girosa +Complete  +
LIFE RISORGIVE – Roggia Tergola Sud +Complete  +
LIFE Saramugo +In progress  +
LIFE Segura Riverlink (Through rivers) +Complete  +
LIFE+ “Sipontine Wetlands” +In progress  +
LIFE03NAT/A/000009 Wachau +Complete  +
LIFE07 NAT/A/000010 Living space in the rivers of Mostviertel - Wachau +In progress  +
LIFE08NAT/IT/000352 CRAINat +In progress  +
LIFE08NAT/IT/000352 CRAINat 2 +In progress  +
La Gotera dam removal +Complete  +
Lady Island/Friars Meadow - Sudbury - River Stour +Complete  +
Lady's Bridge Fish Easement +Complete  +
Ladywell Fields (QUERCUS) +Complete  +
Ladywell Fields Phase 2 +Complete  +
Ladywell Fields to Cornmill Gardens +Planned  +
Ladywell Fields toeboarding +Complete  +
LakeAdmin - Chadwick lakes - Plan to improve the surface water quality and reservoir restoration in the Chadwick lakes area +Complete  +
Land acquisition on the banks of the Ouche River +Complete  +
Land at Buzzards Mouth Creek +Planned  +
Land opposite Wanstead Park +Planned  +
Langford Lakes project +Complete  +
Langonnet river +Complete  +
Langor Beck (part of River Wensum SSSI) +Complete  +
Laymer Road Silt Trap and Recreational Ground +Planned  +
Lea Bridge Waterway Wall Improvements +Complete  +
Lee Navigation by Walthamstow Marshes +Planned  +
Lek Bij Everdingen +Complete  +
Letting the Dove Flow +In progress  +
Letting the Dove Flow 2 +In progress  +
Letting the Dove Flow 3 +Complete  +
Levington Saltmarsh Restoration, Suffolk +Complete  +
Lewisham College weir +Planned  +
Lidl +Planned  +
Limestone Ribble Restoration Project +In progress  +
Linear Park +Complete  +
Lippeaue Klostermersch +Complete  +
Lippenbroek Regulated Tidal Exchange Scheme +Complete  +
Litter Clear-Ups (Since 2004) +In progress  +
Little Don Catchment Case Study +Complete  +
Little Waltham Meadows Back Channel creation +Complete  +