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Apelnäs fishway at River Rolfså +Complete  +
Arasement du seuil des Treize Saules sur la Quilienne +Complete  +
Arasement du vannage du moulin de Réveillon et réaménagement du lit mineur de la Blaise +Complete  +
Arborfield nature like bypass and weirs project +Complete  +
Arnos Park - Pymmes Brook +Planned  +
Ashlone Wharf FCRM scheme +In progress  +
Assessing the habitats outcomes of Floodplain Forest restoration: the case study of the floodplain forest at the Ouse Valley Park +Complete  +
Aston Clinton River Restoration +Complete  +
Austria River Mur - Strategic river management for considerations in the power and water management sector in Styria/Austria +Complete  +
Austria Upper Mur - LIFE III (LIFE03 NAT/A/000011) „Inner-Alpine river basin management – Upper River Mur - murerleben I" 2003-2007 +Complete  +
Austria Upper Mur - LIFE+ (LIFE+ 08 NAT A 614) „Inner-Alpine river basin management – Upper River Mur - murerleben II" 2010-2015 +In progress  +
Austria Upper Mur - Public relations in murerleben I + II LIFE III (LIFE03 NAT/A/000011) and LIFE+ (LIFE+ 08 NAT A 614) „Inner-Alpine river basin management – Upper River Mur - murerleben I+II" 2003-2015 +In progress  +
Austria Upper Mur - River Widening Weyern (LIFE III (LIFE03 NAT/A/000011) Inner-Alpine river basin management – Upper River Mur - murerleben I 2003-2007) +Complete  +
Austria Upper Mur - River widening Lässer Au (LIFE+ (LIFE+ 08 NAT A 614) Inner-Alpine river basin management – Upper River Mur - murerleben II 2010-2015) +Complete  +
Austria Upper Mur - River widening St. Peter Au (LIFE+ (LIFE+ 08 NAT A 614) Inner-Alpine river basin management – Upper River Mur - murerleben II 2010-2015) +Complete  +
Austria Urban River Landscape - Urban River Landscape Graz +In progress  +
Austria Urban River Landscape - Urban River Landscape Master Plan Leoben +In progress  +
Austria cross-border section - Monitoring sediment transport and Habitat modelling (ETZ-Project “DraMurCi” 2009-2013) +Complete  +
Austria cross-border section - River widening Sicheldorf (ETZ-Project “DraMurCi” 2009-2013) +Complete  +
Austria cross-border section - River widening measure Gosdorf I (Interreg IIIa Project "Maßnahmen Unteres Murtal" 2002-2007) +Complete  +
Austria cross-border section - River widening measure Gosdorf II (ETZ-Project “DraMurCi” 2009-2013) +Complete  +
Austria/Slovenia Urban River Landscape - ETZ-“Skupaj“ - Joint urban and natural development at the Mur banks in Gornja Radgona and Bad Radkersburg +Complete  +
Austria/Slovenia cross-border cooperation - “Die Murkommission” – Bilateral River Commission +In progress  +
Austria/Slovenia cross-border section - ETZ-Project “DraMurCi” 2009-2013 +Complete  +
Austria/Slovenia cross-border section - Interreg IIIa Project "Maßnahmen Unteres Murtal" 2003-2008 +Complete  +
Avon Barriers Project +In progress  +
Avon Barriers Project: Ferengair Weir +In progress  +
Babbs Mill reed bed +Complete  +
Babingley River at Hillington +Complete  +
Bakenhof Dyke reconstruction +Complete  +
Ballinderry Freshwater Pearl Mussel Rescue Project +In progress  +
Barking Creek near A13 +Complete  +
Barking Creekmouth +Complete  +
Barn Elms Sports Ground +Planned  +
Barn Elms Wetland Centre, South West London +Complete  +
Barnes Common +Complete  +
Barnes Common improvements +Complete  +
Barney Beck: Abandoned Metal Mines +In progress  +
Basic proposals for restoration and enhancement of the stream of Vilamajor in Sant Antoni de Vilamajor +Complete  +
Bastion Maria (QUERCUS) +Complete  +
Bathgate Watercourse Restoration Project +Planned  +
Beam washlands +Complete  +
Beck from the Brink +Complete  +
Beddington Park +Planned  +
Beddington Park Enhancements +Complete  +
Beek Lage Raam +In progress  +
Beekherstel Beekloop +Complete  +
Beekherstel Beekloop BmN +Complete  +
Beekherstel Buurserbeek +Complete  +
Beekherstel Eefsebeek +In progress  +
Beekherstel Keersop +In progress  +
Beekherstel Lactariabeek +Complete  +
Beekherstel Leerinkbeek +Complete  +
Beekherstel Ramsbeek +Complete  +
Beekherstel Reusel Baarschot-Diessen +In progress  +
Beekherstel Willinkbeek +Complete  +
Beekherstel Zuidelijk Afwateringskanaal +In progress  +
Belford Natural Flood Management Scheme, Northumberland +Complete  +
Bell Green Weir fish passage +Complete  +
Beltringharder Koog Regulated Tidal Exchange Scheme +Complete  +
Beneden-Berkel +In progress  +
Beneden-Leeuwen-Side channel +Complete  +
Beverley Brook Flow control structures +Complete  +
Beverley Brook d/s of Rock’s Lane +Planned  +
Beverley Park +Planned  +
Big Yellow +Complete  +
Bio-engineering and creation of side channels along the rectified section of the Scarpe River in Arras +Complete  +
Bio-engineering techniques for bank protection on the Moselle River in Villey-le-Sec +Complete  +
Biodiversity conservation and recovery in the river basin Asón +Complete  +
Biologisk återställning i Rolfsåns vattensystem +Complete  +
Biomura LIFE06NAT/SI/000066 +Complete  +
Biotop and flood measures in the Mykle river (Mykleelva) and Vanebu river (Vanebuelva) +Complete  +
Bird Reserve “Tancat de la Pipa” (Valencia) +In progress  +
Bird reserve “El Clot” (Tarragona) +In progress  +
Bird reserve “Finca San Miguel” (Huesca) +In progress  +
Bird reserve “Las Marismas Blancas” (Cantabria) +In progress  +
Bird reserve “Los Albardales” (Madrid) +In progress  +
Bird reserve “O Grove” (Pontevedra) +In progress  +
Bird reserve “Riet Vell” (Tarragona) +In progress  +
Birkin Brook Habitat Improvements, Cheshire +Complete  +
Blackbrook Slow the Flow, St Helens +In progress  +
Blackhorse Lane Waterfront Park +Planned  +
Blackwater River Habitat Enhancements & Fish Passage +In progress  +
Blake Avenue, Mayes Brook +Planned  +
Blanice River +Complete  +
Blauwe Kamer +Complete  +
Bleinheim Palace Project +Complete  +
Bockhampton Enhancement +Complete  +
Bocking Blackwater River Restoration +In progress  +
Bocq river (Walphy - LIFE project) +Complete  +
Bonesgate Phase 2 +Complete  +
Boosting slivso +Complete  +
Borova Stream and its Revitalisation +Complete  +
Borrowash fish pass +Complete  +
Bosgården nature-like fishway at River Rolfså +Complete  +
Boston Manor +Planned  +
Boulder Pool and Plough Lane +Planned  +
Bourne End Recreation Ground River Enhancement Project +Complete  +