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This is a property of type String.

The allowed values for this property are:

  • Complete
  • In progress
  • Planned

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Bird reserve “Finca San Miguel” (Huesca) +In progress  +
Bird reserve “Las Marismas Blancas” (Cantabria) +In progress  +
Bird reserve “Los Albardales” (Madrid) +In progress  +
Bird reserve “O Grove” (Pontevedra) +In progress  +
Bird reserve “Riet Vell” (Tarragona) +In progress  +
Birkin Brook Habitat Improvements, Cheshire +Complete  +
Blackbrook Slow the Flow, St Helens +In progress  +
Blackhorse Lane Waterfront Park +Planned  +
Blackwater River Habitat Enhancements & Fish Passage +In progress  +
Blake Avenue, Mayes Brook +Planned  +
Blanice River +Complete  +
Blauwe Kamer +Complete  +
Bleinheim Palace Project +Complete  +
Bockhampton Enhancement +Complete  +
Bocking Blackwater River Restoration +In progress  +
Bocq river (Walphy - LIFE project) +Complete  +
Bonesgate Phase 2 +Complete  +
Boosting slivso +Complete  +
Borova Stream and its Revitalisation +Complete  +
Borrowash fish pass +Complete  +
Bosgården nature-like fishway at River Rolfså +Complete  +
Boston Manor +Planned  +
Boulder Pool and Plough Lane +Planned  +
Bourne End Recreation Ground River Enhancement Project +Complete  +
Bow Brook Floodplain Restoration +Complete  +
Bow Brook Living Landscape +Complete  +
Bowthorpe Meadow, River Yare +Complete  +
Brackenhurst Natural Flood Management +In progress  +
Braid Burn at Inch Park +Complete  +
Brent Lodge Park Improvement +Planned  +
Brent River Improvement Project- Brent Lodge Park to Ruislip Road Eastruislip +Complete  +
Brent River Park Phase II +Planned  +
Brightside Weir Fish Pass +Complete  +
Bringing Back the Bulbourne +Complete  +
Bristol Frome Diffuse Pollution Project +Complete  +
Broadway Fields/ Seagers Distillary +Planned  +
Brook Ramlösa-Restoration of agricultural stream +Complete  +
Broom Road Recreation Ground +Planned  +
Buenz +Complete  +
Built Kjøsnesbekken in the river Stjørdalselva +Complete  +
Buiten Ooij +Complete  +
Bullhead Dock and Bellamy’s Wharf - Rotherhithe +Complete  +
Bures Mill fish by-pass +Complete  +
Burn of Balmaleedy Restoration, Marykirk +In progress  +
Burn of Mosset, Forres +Complete  +
Burton Weir (Upper) Fish Pass Project +Complete  +
Bury Lodge Wetlands +In progress  +
Butter Hill Phase 2 +Complete  +
Buzzards Mouth Creek +Planned  +
Cain weir removal +In progress  +
Camargue’s former saltworks +In progress  +
Cardiff Rivers Group +In progress  +
Carnon River: Abandoned Metal Mines +In progress  +
Case study:Biological protection shield to control streambank erosion in Ätran 2 +Complete  +
Castle Acre Rehabilitation Project +Complete  +
Castle Irwell Urban Wetland +Complete  +
Catford Greyhound Stadium +Planned  +
Chambers Wharf +Complete  +
Channel Sea +Planned  +
Charlton St Peter A 8 +Complete  +
Chase Nature Reserve +Complete  +
Chelmer Valley Local Nature Reserve +Complete  +
Cheriton Stream Restoration Project +Complete  +
Chertsey meads +Complete  +
Chiese river upstream Idro lake – Trentino region +Complete  +
Chigwell Brook +Complete  +
Ching Brook at Walthamstow Greyhound Stadium +Planned  +
Chowder Ness Managed Realignment Scheme +Complete  +
Chícamo Life project. Conservation of Aphanius iberus´ genetics stocks (Murcia ) +Complete  +
Civic Way, Yeading Brook +Complete  +
Clayton Vale +In progress  +
Clitherow's Island, Brentford eel pass +Complete  +
Clugston Burn (CASS) +Complete  +
Colfes School +Planned  +
Colliers Row +Planned  +
Colne Brook +Planned  +
Colne Water Restoration Project +In progress  +
Columbia Wharf +Planned  +
Comal River Restoration +In progress  +
Community Wetlands +Complete  +
Compton Island and Meanders +Complete  +
Coniston Cold weir removal +Complete  +
Connswater Community Greenway +Complete  +
Conservation of alluvial +Complete  +
Conservation strategies for forest and wild river in Gesaeuse: the Johnsbach Beck restoration +Complete  +
Conservation strategies for forest and wild river in Gesaeuse: the River Enns restoration +Complete  +
Conservation the public water domain in the Tajo basin, t. m. Alcocer, province of Guadalajara. +Complete  +
Contournement d’un plan d’eau de loisirs sur le Gratteloup au niveau de la commune de La Ville-aux-Clercs +Complete  +
Control and permeabilization of the marsh to the river, the Brazo de la Torre and Entremuros +Complete  +
Corfe River +Complete  +
Cornmill Gardens (QUERCUS) +Complete  +
County Gardens, Mayes Brook +Planned  +
Coutershaw FIP Project +Complete  +
Craigton Riparian and NFM Orchard Planting +Complete  +
Crane Meadows Meander Connections +Complete  +
Crane Park +Planned  +
Cranford Park Phase 2 +Complete  +
Cray River Enhancement +Complete  +