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Afon Clywdd +Runoff pathway management  +
Alkborough tidal defence scheme +Salt marsh and mudflat restoration  +
Allt Lorgy River Restoration +Site fenced to enable natural regeneration to take place. Supplementary planting planned for Spring 2013. Long term site monitoring programmed planned.  +
Alma Road Rain Gardens +Rain gardens  +
Ashlone Wharf FCRM scheme +Creation of fish passes  +
Ballinderry Freshwater Pearl Mussel Rescue Project +Improve the river for mussels to survive  +
Beekherstel Reusel Baarschot-Diessen +Traditioneel Beekherstel  +
Blake Avenue, Mayes Brook +UK BAP habitat creation/restoration  +
Brackenhurst Natural Flood Management +Runoff pathway management  +
Bristol Frome Diffuse Pollution Project +Agricultural/Farming improvements  +, improvement of structure of agricultural land  +
Bullhead Dock and Bellamy’s Wharf - Rotherhithe +New shingle beach  +
Bures Mill fish by-pass +Fish by-pass channel  +
Camargue’s former saltworks +Reconnection between the sea and the lagoons  +, installation of water sluices  +, artificial bird nesting islands.  +
Chambers Wharf +roosting posts  +, Brownfield land regeneration  +, green roofs  +,
Conservation strategies for forest and wild river in Gesaeuse: the River Enns restoration +Creation of a new estuary  +
Crane Park +UK BAP habitat creation/restoration  +
Cumbria River Restoration Program - Whitbeck restoration project - West Cumbria +Tree planting  +
Dagenham Washlands Phase 2 +UK BAP habitat creation/restoration  +
Ddu Restoration Project +Deculverting  +
Debenham Flood Storage Options - flood modelling and economic assessment +Runoff pathway management  +
Delivering Multiple Benefits for Water on Foston Brook +Hardened crossing points  +, drinking bays  +
Design and Application of a Sustainable Soil Management Model for Orchard Crops in the Doñana National Park Area +Improving water quality  +
Diffusing the Issue in rural Ribble +UK BAP habitat creation/restoration  +, Farm infrastructure interventions  +
Diffusing the Issue in rural Ribble - Easington +UK BAP habitat creation/restoration  +, Farm infrastructure interventions  +
Diffusing the Issue in rural Ribble - Skirden Beck +UK BAP habitat creation/restoration  +, Farm infrastructure interventions  +