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3Rivers - Lumburn:Walkham:Tavy +Land management  +
Adaptive management of hydraulic structures in the Sèvre nantaise and Thouet basins +More natural reservoir releases  +
Agreed definition of mobility area for the Adour +Definition of erodble corridor  +
Aménagement du plan d’eau de la Sangsue et création d’un bras de contournement du Woigot +The banks are maintained if necessary by vegetal engineering  +
Arasement du seuil des Treize Saules sur la Quilienne +Filter masses were laid downstream of the dam to limit the impact of the work on the environment  +
BALLYMONEY RIVERSIDE PARK RESTORATION PROJECT +management of wetland by council (new area of work)  +
Ballinderry Freshwater Pearl Mussel Rescue Project +Improving the scheme of captive-breeding of mussels  +
Barney Beck: Abandoned Metal Mines +Catchment Characterisation Programme to investigate water pollution from abandoned metal mines and determine remediation options of metal pollution  +
Beneden-Leeuwen-Side channel +More natural water retention  +
Beverley Brook Flow control structures +Modelling  +, Monitoring strategy  +
Biodiversity conservation and recovery in the river basin Asón +Management for increase species like Lepus europaeus  +, Capreolus capreolus  +, Columba palumbus andAguila chrysaetos  +
Bird Reserve “Tancat de la Pipa” (Valencia) +Channels  +, vegetation and maintenance active  +, daily management  +
Bird reserve “El Clot” (Tarragona) +Habitat improvement through water and vegetation management  +
Bird reserve “Finca San Miguel” (Huesca) +Grants from the Administration  +
Bird reserve “Las Marismas Blancas” (Cantabria) +Town hall workers  +
Bird reserve “O Grove” (Pontevedra) +Grants and help from town hall  +
Blanice River +bypass maintenance  +
Bow Brook Living Landscape +Arable reversion to wildflower meadow  +, Soil Health Plan  +
Bristol Frome Diffuse Pollution Project +Farm advice and plans  +
Buiten Ooij +more natural reservoir releases  +
Carnon River: Abandoned Metal Mines +Remediation Treatment  +
Castle Irwell Urban Wetland +Habitat management  +
Chícamo Life project. Conservation of Aphanius iberus´ genetics stocks (Murcia ) +Reduced water abstractions  +
Conservation of alluvial +Protection of the island  +, Ensuring biodiversity  +
Conservation strategies for forest and wild river in Gesaeuse: the River Enns restoration +Monitoring strategy  +