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2e Lower Woodsford River and Floodplain Enhancement +Re-profiled ditch  +
Adams Mill enhancements +Increase in-channel hydromorphological diversity  +
Adaptive management of hydraulic structures in the Sèvre nantaise and Thouet basins +Weir partial removal or permanent opening of gates allowing self restoration of previously impunded stretches  +
Adare Fish Counter +Creation of fish passes  +
Arasement du vannage du moulin de Réveillon et réaménagement du lit mineur de la Blaise +Creation of a sinuous channel  +
Arborfield nature like bypass and weirs project +Improving fish migration  +, Creation of backwater  +, Bypass channel  +
Aston Clinton River Restoration +Bypass channel  +, Creation of new channel  +
Austria River Mur - Strategic river management for considerations in the power and water management sector in Styria/Austria +Reconnection of cutoff meander  +
Austria Upper Mur - LIFE III (LIFE03 NAT/A/000011) „Inner-Alpine river basin management – Upper River Mur - murerleben I" 2003-2007 +Reconnection of water bodies to the river  +
Austria cross-border section - River widening measure Gosdorf II (ETZ-Project “DraMurCi” 2009-2013) +Channel widening  +, Habitat creation  +
BALLYMONEY RIVERSIDE PARK RESTORATION PROJECT +Diversification of in-channel features  +, Meandering channel  +
Babingley River at Hillington +Channel narrowing  +, Removal of sluice gates  +, Adding sinuosity  +,
Barking Creekmouth +Channel realignment  +
Barnes Common improvements +Flow deflectors  +, Reedbed creation  +
Basic proposals for restoration and enhancement of the stream of Vilamajor in Sant Antoni de Vilamajor +Works to safeguard the bridge  +
Bathgate Watercourse Restoration Project +Re-meandering  +, Introducing large woody debris  +
Beddington Park Enhancements +Channel narrowing  +, Cleaning of spawning gravels  +, Reedbed creation  +
Belford Natural Flood Management Scheme, Northumberland +leaky woody dams  +
Beneden-Leeuwen-Side channel +Side channel created  +, Creation of backwater  +
Beverley Park +Channel realignment  +
Biologisk återställning i Rolfsåns vattensystem +Dam removal  +, Creation of fish passes  +
Biomura LIFE06NAT/SI/000066 +Channel widening  +
Biotop and flood measures in the Mykle river (Mykleelva) and Vanebu river (Vanebuelva) +Reconnection of water bodies to the river  +
Blackbrook Slow the Flow, St Helens +leaky woody dams  +
Blanice River +Bypass channel  +