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This is a property of type String.

Allowed values are:

  • Approved
  • Draft

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"Rio Verde II". Restoration of riparian forest and the rivers Llobregat and Cardener +Approved  +
2e Lower Woodsford River and Floodplain Enhancement +Approved  +
3Rivers - Lumburn:Walkham:Tavy +Approved  +
Aaijen- Removal of bank fixation +Approved  +
Abaissement et démantèlement de trois clapets sur l’Orge aval +Approved  +
Abbey Brook Weir +Approved  +
Abbots Worthy Restoration Project +Draft  +
Abbotts Hall Managed Realignment Scheme +Approved  +
Actions for environmental regeneration and flow control in Odra's Basin, Burgos +Approved  +
Adams Mill enhancements +Approved  +
Adaptive management of hydraulic structures in the Sèvre nantaise and Thouet basins +Approved  +
Adare Fish Counter +Approved  +
Aesthetic vs. functional restoration of urban and peri-urban rivers: the Manzanares River in Madrid +Approved  +
Afon Clywdd +Draft  +
Agreed definition of mobility area for the Adour +Approved  +
Albany Park +Draft  +
Albbruck-Dogern (bypass and nature-like pool pass) +Approved  +
Alkborough tidal defence scheme +Approved  +
Allt Lorgy River Restoration +Approved  +
Alma Road Rain Gardens +Approved  +
Amerongse Bovenpolder +Approved  +
Amwell Loop +Draft  +
Aménagement du plan d’eau de la Sangsue et création d’un bras de contournement du Woigot +Approved  +
Ancholme and Coast habitat project +Draft  +
AndyL/Case study template +Draft  +