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{{Case study status
|Approval status=Draft
|Location=59.81873780726097, 10.337757078153462
{{Project overview
|Status=In progress
|Themes=Fisheries, Habitat and biodiversity, Land use management - agriculture, Water quality, Urban
|Main contact forename=Ingvild
|Main contact surname=Tandberg
|Contact organisation=Vannområde Indre Oslofjord Vest
|Contact organisation url=https://www.vannportalen.no/vannregioner/glomma/vannomrader-glomma/indre-oslofjord-vest/
|Project summary=This project aimes to improve the habitat conditions of fast-growing sea trout (salmo trutta) in the Grobruelva river in the Lier municipality (Viken). They are impaired by re-routing of side arms, regulation of the main channel and pollution (roads and agriculture). Habitat improving measures are planned, but not conducted yet. More info expected soon.
|Project title=Restoration of Grobruelva
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{{Case study subcatchment}}
|WFD water body code=009-170-R
|WFD water body name=Åro watercourse
|Heavily modified water body=No
|Protected species present=No
|Invasive species present=No
{{Project background
|Project started=2017/08/01
|Project completed=2020/01/01
|Total1 cost=300
|Funding sources=Land owners, municipality and Norwegian Environmental Agency
|Investigation and design Lead organisation=Vannområdet Indre Oslofjord Vest
|Investigation and design Other contact forename=Ingvild
|Investigation and design Other contact surname=Tandberg
|Stakeholder engagement Lead organisation=Vannområdet
|Stakeholder engagement Other contact forename=Ingvild
|Stakeholder engagement Other contact surname=Tandberg
|Works and supervision Lead organisation=Vannområdet
|Works and supervision Other contact forename=Ingvild
|Works and supervision Other contact surname=Tandberg
|Specific mitigation=Urbanisation, pollution (eutrophication), river regulation
|Hydromorphological quality elements=Relocation of sidearms, Regulation of main channel
|Physico-chemical quality elements=Pollution ( e.g. phosphorus, litter )
{{Hydromorphological quality elements header}}
{{End table}}
{{Biological quality elements header}}
{{End table}}
{{Physico-chemical quality elements header}}
{{End table}}
{{Other responses header}}
{{End table}}
{{Monitoring documents}}
{{Monitoring documents end}}
{{Additional Documents}}
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{{Supplementary Information}}
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