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Location: 41° 22' 22", 13° 0' 59"
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Project overview

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Status Complete
Project web site
Themes Habitat and biodiversity, Land use management - agriculture, Water quality
Country Italy
Main contact forename Nicoletta
Main contact surname Valle
Main contact user ID
Contact organisation provincia di latina
Contact organisation web site
Partner organisations Comune di Latina; Parco Nazionale del Circeo; U-Space s.r.l.; Consorzio di Bonifica dell'Agro Pontino
Parent multi-site project
This is a parent project
encompassing the following
LIFE REWETLAND (LIFE+08 env/it/000406)

Project summary

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LIFE REWETLAND (LIFE+08 env/it/000406) is a wide-area project for improving the quality of surface water in the Agro Pontino by means of natural purification techniques. In order to facilitate the introduction of these techniques in the Agro Pontino, the Province of Latina elaborated a project together with the Municipality of Latina, the Circeo National Park, the Land Reclamation Consortium of Agro Pontino, and the consulting company U-Space. The project, co-financed by the LIFE+ Programme of the European Commission, has been implemented for four years; during this period, four pilot projects have been carried out, good practices and guidelines for the introduction of constructed wetlands in the Pontine area have been elaborated, and a programme of future interventions has been drafted and included within the local wide-area strategic programming, involving 19 municipalities of the Province. The quality of the Pontine waters and the necessary interventions for its improvement are therefore the main theme of this best practice and the multilevel governance has been the key to its success. Actions: - Pilot project 1 - Filter ecosystem in the Circeo National Park - Pilot project 2 - Urban park in Marina di Latina - Pilot project 3 - Buffer strips along the reclamation canals - Pilot project 4 - Good practices of water management in a farm - Definition of the Environmental restoration programme for the Agro Pontino with its specific Action Plan, guide lines, 20 project sheets. - Environmental and educational policies (specific labs for schools on landscape and sustainable business management).

The achieved results have been: - a contribution to the implementation of EU policies related to waters through instruments, data and examples concerning the impact of widespread artificial wetlands; - a development of a participated process of environmental restoration; - the implementation of actions for monitoring the effectiveness of wetlands and buffer strips. - the awareness raising on the waters pollution of the Pontine Plain and on the application of the natural purification systems. The main direct environmental improvements that the project achieved have been the reduction of pollutants in the waters of the canals of the four pilot plants and the increase of biodiversity in the intervention sites.

Starting from the results of the project, the Province of Latina promoted three River Contracts of the Agro Pontino: Cavata-Linea Pio, Lake of Paola, Amaseno, Ufente and the Pontine Plain Coast Contract.

Monitoring surveys and results

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- Construction of a shared strategy for a wide-area environmental restoration through a participatory planning process, combining the demands of local stakeholders; - cross-sectoral approach for the resolution of specific territorial problems; - Identification of solutions to local problems by involving multi-sectorial stakeholders; - promotion of public-private partnerships for the resolution of environmental criticalities; - innovative and effective environmental campaign for scholars and citizens.

Lessons learnt

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Image gallery

LIFE REWETLAND (LIFE+08 env/it/000406)
Workshop Latina
Spaztio Life itinerante
Pilot project 1
Pilot project 1
Pilot project 1
Pilot project 2
Pilot project 2
Pilot project 3

Catchment and subcatchment


River basin district Middle Appenines
River basin Rio Martino


River name Rio Martino
Area category
Area (km2)
Maximum altitude category
Maximum altitude (m)
Dominant geology
Ecoregion Italy and Corsica
Dominant land cover Intensive agriculture (arable), Wetland
Waterbody ID


Name Agro Pontino
WFD water body codes
WFD (national) typology
WFD water body name
Pre-project morphology
Reference morphology
Desired post project morphology
Heavily modified water body No
National/international site designation International - Biosphere Reserves
Local/regional site designations
Protected species present Yes
Invasive species present Yes
Species of interest
Dominant hydrology
Dominant substrate
River corridor land use
Average bankfull channel width category
Average bankfull channel width (m)
Average bankfull channel depth category
Average bankfull channel depth (m)
Mean discharge category
Mean annual discharge (m3/s)
Average channel gradient category
Average channel gradient
Average unit stream power (W/m2)

Project background

Reach length directly affected (m)
Project started 2010/01/01
Works started
Works completed 2014/06/30
Project completed
Total cost category 1000 - 5000 k€
Total cost (k€) 3,706
3,706 k€
3,706,000 €
Benefit to cost ratio
Funding sources LIFE PROGRAM (EU-Cofinancing: 1.450.566 €)

Cost for project phases

Phase cost category cost exact (k€) Lead organisation Contact forename Contact surname
Investigation and design
Stakeholder engagement and communication
Works and works supervision
Post-project management and maintenance

Reasons for river restoration

Mitigation of a pressure Pollution incident, Riparian development
Physico-chemical Improve water quality
Other reasons for the project Community demand


Structural measures
Bank/bed modifications
Floodplain / River corridor Filter ecosystem in the Circeo National Park; Buffer strips along the reclamation canals
Planform / Channel pattern
Other Urban park in Marina di Latina
Non-structural measures
Management interventions Good practices of water management in a farm; Environmental Restoration Programme (ERP) for the Agro Pontino
Social measures (incl. engagement) Environmental and educational policies


Hydromorphological quality elements

Element When monitored Type of monitoring Control site used Result
Before measures After measures Qualitative Quantitative

Biological quality elements

Element When monitored Type of monitoring Control site used Result
Before measures After measures Qualitative Quantitative

Physico-chemical quality elements

Element When monitored Type of monitoring Control site used Result
Before measures After measures Qualitative Quantitative

Any other monitoring, e.g. social, economic

Element When monitored Type of monitoring Control site used Result
Before measures After measures Qualitative Quantitative

Monitoring documents

Additional documents and videos

Additional links and references

Link Description

Supplementary Information

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