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Location: 57° 7' 29", 65° 38' 3"
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Project overview

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Status In progress
Project web site http://
Themes Habitat and biodiversity, Hydromorphology, Social benefits, Spatial planning, Water quality
Country Russia
Main contact forename Timur
Main contact surname Pavluk
Main contact user ID User:T.Pavluk
Contact organisation RosNIIVH
Contact organisation web site
Partner organisations
This is a parent project
encompassing the following
General scheme of the Gilev's Grove

Project summary

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Reconstruction of a unique forest park, which is located between two water objects - the Klyuchi stream and Lake Krivoe - began in 2015 and ended in November of 2016. Objectives to be achieved: 1) Protection and restoration of the Klyuchi stream valley. The workers stabilized about 23 thousand square meters of slopes and re-designed the bed of the Klyuchi stream. New bridge-passage was built over the stream in the grove. After restoration works completion the unpleasant smell from the Klyuchi stream in the forest park was not traced anymore. 2) Allocation of entertainment facilities: large picnic mangal-barbeque zone. 19 arbors were installed along the stream. Swings were mounted for kids between arbors. Sanitation facilities were put nearby as well. 3) Installation of new playgrounds for children. They are designed for children of different ages and different interests. There are sandboxes and swings for toddlers and various sports equipment for tinagers. Comfortable benches installed carefully for parents throughout the gaming area. 4) Gilev's Grove had been and remains a great place for sports. In winter time there is a hockey box and illuminated ski track. In warm season active leisure lovers will enjoy a pleasant cycle path and six playgrounds for sports. People with pleasure ride on rollers, scooters, skateboards, bicycles and even roller skis, run and do Scandinavian walking. 5) For nature lovers the birds watch zone is equipped on the shore of Lake Krivoe. This part of the Grove is rarely crowded. Only birds singing violates silence of the beautiful view of the lake here. 6) Grove is a great place for photo shoots. Especially for the newlyweds, who often come here to capture the happy moments of their lives, an admiring white open-air pavilion not far from the central entrance was installed. 7) After reconstruction, figures of various animals appeared in the Gilev's Grove. The sculptures are very popular among children. 8) Park territory became as comfortable, as safe. On the territory 427 lanterns and more than 200 surveillance cameras were installed. Throughout the entire walking routes, new benches and litter bins were allocated. 9) Tyumen residents who came to the Grove by car, no longer need to worry about parking. New parking place was arranged for 468 cars.

Monitoring surveys and results

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Lessons learnt

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Image gallery

Klyuchi stream rehabilitation
rehabilitation technical works -2
rehabilitation technical works -3
stream banks strengthening
stream bed cleaning
Children playground
Wild animals sculptures
White admiring open-air pavilion
Watching pavilion
Barbeque place
Scandinavian walking
New bridge over the brook
Online security cameras
The Klyuchi stream restoration

Catchment and subcatchment


Name the Gilev's Grove
WFD water body codes
WFD (national) typology
WFD water body name Klyuchi stream
Pre-project morphology fluvial
Reference morphology fluvial
Desired post project morphology fluvial
Heavily modified water body No
National/international site designation
Local/regional site designations local recreation place
Protected species present No
Invasive species present No
Species of interest
Dominant hydrology brook, small stream
Dominant substrate Sand, Clay
River corridor land use parklands fofrest
Average bankfull channel width category 2 - 5 m
Average bankfull channel width (m)
Average bankfull channel depth category Less than 0.5 m
Average bankfull channel depth (m)
Mean discharge category Less than 0.1 m³/s
Mean annual discharge (m3/s)
Average channel gradient category 0.001 - 0.01
Average channel gradient
Average unit stream power (W/m2)

Project background

Reach length directly affected (m) 500
500 m
0.5 km
50,000 cm
Project started 2014/12/01
Works started 2015/02/01
Works completed 2017/10/31
Project completed 2017/12/31
Total cost category 5000 - 10000 k€
Total cost (k€) 6600
6,600 k€
6,600,000 €
Benefit to cost ratio
Funding sources Municipality of Tyumen

Cost for project phases

Phase cost category cost exact (k€) Lead organisation Contact forename Contact surname
Investigation and design 500 - 1000 k€ Mostostroy-11 Nikolay Russu
Stakeholder engagement and communication
Works and works supervision 1000 - 5000 k€ 5600
5,600 k€
5,600,000 €
Mostostroy-11 Nikolay Russu
Post-project management and maintenance 100 - 500 k€ 250
250 k€
250,000 €
Ecology Department of Tyumen City Semen Tegentzev

Reasons for river restoration

Mitigation of a pressure lack of public nature parks, water pollution
Other reasons for the project complete reconstruction of a local park, revitalisation of surrounding environment


Structural measures
Bank/bed modifications banks strengthening with geotextile and villow plantening
Floodplain / River corridor gabions constructions close to the bridge
Planform / Channel pattern Meandering channel
Other two new bridges were constructed over a brook
Non-structural measures
Management interventions
Social measures (incl. engagement) sport facilities, educational path along the stream, barbeque places, rent of sporting stuff and accessuaries


Hydromorphological quality elements

Element When monitored Type of monitoring Control site used Result
Before measures After measures Qualitative Quantitative

Biological quality elements

Element When monitored Type of monitoring Control site used Result
Before measures After measures Qualitative Quantitative

Physico-chemical quality elements

Element When monitored Type of monitoring Control site used Result
Before measures After measures Qualitative Quantitative

Any other monitoring, e.g. social, economic

Element When monitored Type of monitoring Control site used Result
Before measures After measures Qualitative Quantitative

Monitoring documents

Additional documents and videos

Additional links and references

Link Description
http:// 10 highlights of the Gilev's Grove
http:// brook Klyuchi before restoration

Supplementary Information

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